Girlie is 107

By Seymour Telegraph

More than a century ago, in 1912, many events that would shape the world in which we live in took place.

The British ocean liner Titanic sank on its maiden voyage; plastic began to be used; Thomas Edison produced the first talking motion picture; Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios began; the first blues song The Memphis Blues was released; and Andrew Fisher was Prime Minister of Australia.

On April 9, 1912, Stella ‘Girlie’ Ferguson born.

And just last week, surrounded by her family, she celebrated her 107th birthday in Avenel.

Girlie enjoyed a great day in her nursing home at Granite Hill.

A cake was enjoyed and Happy Birthday was sung to mark the day.

Girlie’s daughter Helen Burns — with whom Girlie lived until three years ago — said her mother’s secret to a long life was simple.

‘‘She always worked hard,’’ Helen said.

‘‘I can’t remember ever seeing her sitting down and doing nothing.

‘‘She always had something in the works.’’

Girlie married William ‘Fergie’ Ferguson in early 1932 and the couple welcomed two children.

Fergie died in 1960, aged just 49.

Throughout her life, Girlie was always a terrific role model for her family.

‘‘She’s had a grand, long life,’’ Helen said.

‘‘She was always good at her school work and was even dux in 1925.’’

Happy birthday, Girlie.