An insight into Hollywood history

By Seymour Telegraph

Cary Grant, A Biography

By Marc Eliot

For many people this famous name is synonymous with Hollywood movies.

Cary Grant starred in more than 80 films throughout his career.

He started life in Bristol, England, with the relatively un-enchanting name of Archibald Leach and as a teenager he became a stilt-walker and acrobat for a touring entertainment group.

When good luck landed him in 1930s Hollywood, his name and his whole life changed.

He took to acting like the proverbial duck and movie audiences loved him.

He was devastatingly good-looking and a convincing actor, especially in light comedy.

Grant loved the Hollywood life, the money and the pretty women who went with it.

It seems his colleagues were the same — obsessed with success, lifestyle and the company which went with it.

In all, Grant married five times.

Very late in life he had a daughter, but according to this biographer he never understood women and they probably never understood him.

In middle age, Grant discovered he had been told a massive lie as a young boy — that his mother had died. But she had not.

She had been institutionalised and, for the rest of his life, he returned to England as often as he could to be with her.

What an extraordinary twist to his life that must have been.

Today some of his movies are still held in high esteem; especially the thrillers he made with Alfred Hitchcock as director.

With Grant’s classical good looks, his sense of comedy, timing, drama, and his slightly strange trans-Atlantic accent, he was a hit and made many millions.

This book is detailed in its research — an insight into Hollywood history with pictures scattered throughout.

—Lee Stephenson