Nagambie booming on back of business confidence, investment

By Seymour Telegraph

It is boom time in Nagambie.

Local business group Go Nagambie has estimated investment in the town will exceed $20million in the next 12 months.

The investments come after three years of growing business confidence in the town’s attractions and potential as well as an increase in funding from governments to improve local infrastructure and services.

Situated under two hours from Melbourne’s central business district, Nagambie was not only seen as a tree change from the hustle and bustle of city life, but also an idyllic setting for holidays and weekend escapes.

Go Nagambie chair Tim Goodacre believed the town was reaping the benefits of government funding and private investment.

‘‘I think it’s fair to say Nagambie is now fulfilling its much vaunted potential,’’ Mr Goodacre said.

‘‘The township’s proximity to Melbourne, plus growing business and community confidence in Nagambie’s lifestyle, tourism and event attractions, are all playing a part in the township’s and the region’s transformation.

‘‘If this trajectory continues I see Nagambie joining other close-to-Melbourne townships, such as Daylesford, Castlemaine, Maldon, Torquay and Healesville, as a top regional lifestyle, tourism and investment destination in Victoria.’’

Echoing the words of Mr Goodacre, Chilcott Real Estate director Matthew Chilcott said the growth in Nagambie isn’t a recent phenomenon.

‘‘There’s certainly been interest and investment growing over the last few years,’’ he said.

‘‘This has been in both the housing and retail areas of real estate.

‘‘With the new Nagambie Brewery, new interest has arisen.

‘‘Currently, there are no empty shops in the streets which proves the growing interest.

‘‘Further to this, Bendigo Bank used to have a satellite shop in town and now they have a permanent store.’’

Mr Chilcott said the investment in Nagambie was largely thanks to one major investor.

‘‘Gerry Ryan is underpinning the development in Nagambie as well as a few other smaller investors,’’ Mr Chilcott said.

‘‘I expect the investment will continue to grow.’’

Looking towards the future, Mr Goodacre said he hoped current interest in the town would turn into jobs and opportunities for those who lived in Nagambie.

‘‘Local residents want their children or grandchildren to have the option of staying in Nagambie,’’ he said.

‘‘They need jobs, services and opportunities as they dream for a bright and viable future. We are now seeing the foundations for achieving this emerge.’’

Throughout 2019 and 2020, multitudes of projects were already expected to be completed in Nagambie, Avenel and their surrounds, highlighting growing tourism needs and future attractions.

These projects include the new visitor information centre, new Jayco transportable houses manufacturing plant, Elloura lifestyle village, Fowles Wines restaurant renovations and expansion, and the Harvest Home cafe, wine bar and function centre renovations.

In the past 12 months a slew of other signature investment projects have already been completed including the beautification of Nagambie’s Main St, redevelopment of local trading icons the Top Pub and Zephyrs, and the official opening of the 58-room boutique Mitchelton hotel at the Mitchelton Winery.

Mr Goodacre said local and state governments were also playing their role by funding major projects in Nagambie, including $1.3million for the construction of the new CFA facility, $699795 for the upgrade of the deep water and Loddings Lane boat ramps, $250000 for the recreation reserve redevelopment, and $143000 for a new premier synthetic turf