Memorial entry plans

By Seymour Telegraph

The Seymour RSL’s war memorial pools sub-committee is seeking support for the revitalisation of the memorial entry to the pools, as well as the exterior wall of the buildings.

It has been 52 years since the official opening and the sub-committee is keen to refurbish the entries to the complex and give the area a new lease of life.

The committee has the support of Jill Adams, daughter of Matt Coughlin who was instrumental in the creation of the pools, and is working closely with the Mitchell Shire Council.

Residents are asked to read the committee’s proposal below and then simply write ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ on this article and drop it in to the The Telegraph office, 6 Station St, Seymour, before January 25.

Should the community be in favour of this project proceeding, it will be dependant on government and community funding.

The committee has previously been responsible for the World War I memorial park upgrade at the entrance to the hospital precinct, as well as many of the members being involved with the creation of the Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk.

Part one

The committee would like to remove the brick wall in the middle of Lesley St, at the junction of Alexander St, and replace it with an archway (see picture).

The archway would incorporate the re-use of the existing bricks in its design and propose to relocate the existing bronze lettering and plaques to the exterior wall at the entry to the buildings.

The memorial entry has been badly damaged due to the narrowness of the roadway on either side.

There used to be a brick wall on the right-hand side of the memorial, which was destroyed by a truck only weeks after the entry was completed in 1966, and the gates were removed at some stage, stored, then went missing.

There is also the constant problem of the wall creating a large blind spot for vehicles leaving the pool area, as well as larger vehicles trying to use the narrow entry during expo, the Seymour Show, markets and other events.

Should approval be given to construct the archway, it has been designed at a height to suit all vehicles and will therefore give easy access to the area.

Part two

The committee would like to render the exterior wall of the pool buildings and then finish each of the panels with sensitively-designed murals depicting Australia’s involvement in various world conflicts.

These will be similar to the silo murals found around country Victoria.

Seymour has a rich military heritage dating back to the mid 1880s, having played a major role in training our militia and defence personnel since that time.

The committee feels it would be fitting to record, in a caring and tasteful manner, Australia’s part in world conflicts.

They hope to create interest in our history and educate the public, in a visual and engaging manner, while encouraging tourists to visit Seymour’s historical military trail.

The committee is aware the pool facilities are used by adults and children and every care would be taken with the design of the murals so as not to cause upset.

Part three

Anticipating the successful completion of the revitalisation, the committee will look to landscape the large grassed area in front of the pools as an extension of the project.

—Caroline Burgess