Hayes family, from Girgarre, takes out Victorian Red Cow On-Farm Challenge

By Country News

After 164 entries from 21 breeders, Girgarre’s Hayes family won Champion Cow at the 2018 Victorian Red Cow On-Farm Challenge.

Judged by Yurunga Farm’s Lindsay Marshall, the competition finished with an awards dinner on Friday, November 23.

Open to all Illawarra and Aussie Red cows, the competition was run by the Victorian Branch of the Illawarra Cattle Society.

Places in each of the classes were evenly spread across new and experienced entrants, with recently dispersed Ovensdale cattle continuing to strongly influence the competition. Six cows purchased from the Newton family placed in the top 10 across all classes.

Greg and Amy Meyland received the Janette Falls Elders Finley ‘Judges Choice’ Award for Next Generation Angelo Kayci, recently purchased at Jamie and Ashley Noonan’s Next Generation dispersal sale.

Winner of the three-year-old in-milk class was Ovensdale Scarlet 351 owned by Phil and Samantha Daniel from Nathalia. Scarlet also went on to win Overall Reserve Champion Cow.

The Hayes family from Girgarre was very successful, winning three of the seven classes. The Llandovery stud also won Overall Champion with Llandovery Jacks Emerald 854 and Honorable Mention Cow with Llandovery JR Joan 1008.

The Tuhan family from Riversleigh Illawarras scored a trifecta in the five-year-old in-milk class, awarded the first three places with Riversleigh Empire Gracie 32, Riversleigh Empire Gracie 33 and Riversleigh Zeus Stella 2. The Riversleigh Empire Gracie cows were both sired by Llandover.

The Victorian Branch of the Illawarra Cattle Society of Australia competition has been running for 15 years and is supported by Crazy Cow Magazine, Genetics Australia and Elders Finley.

Overall Champion: Llandovery Jacks Emerald 954.

Reserve Champion: Ovensdale Scarlet 351.

Honourable mention: Llandovery JR Joan 1008.

Janette Falls Elders Finley ‘Judges Choice’ Award: Greg and Amy Meyland, Next Generation Angelo Kayci.

Commercial cow of any age: 1st: A & R Heath, Amor Belle; 2nd: James Breen, Hazelmont Vcount Buddy; 3rd: J & B Evans, Jango Jasper.

Two-year-old in-milk (born on or after 1/1/2016): 1st: Hayes Family, Llandovery Visions Joan 1828; 2nd: Hayes Family, Llandovery Vipors Mabeline 1750; 3rd: J & B Evans, Three Creeks Redgum Rosarian.

Three-year-old in-milk (born 1/1/2015 to 31/12/2015): 1st: Phil and Samantha Daniel, Ovensdale Scarlet 351; 2nd: Hayes Family, Llandovery Visions Verbena; 3rd: A & R Heath, Ovensdale Scarlet 356.

Four-year-old in-milk (born 1/1/2014 to 31/12/2014): 1st: Hayes Family, Llandovery Pingerlys Pride; 2nd: James Breen, Hazelmont Empire Berry; 3rd: Childs and McMillan, Jenny 3407.

Five-year-old in-milk (born 1/1/2013 to 31/12/2013:) 1st: Tuhan Family, Riversleigh Empire Gracie 32; 2nd: Tuhan Family, Riversleigh Empire Gracie 33; 3rd: Tuhan Family, Riversleigh Zeus Stella 20.

Six- to eight-year-old in-milk (born 1/1/2010 to 31/12/2012): 1st: Hayes Family, Llandovery Jacks Emerald 954; 2nd: Hayes Family, Llandovery JR Joan 1008; 3rd: Gordon, Bacon & Govett, Wallumlands Sunstorm 8.

Nine-year-old and over in-milk (born prior to 1/1/2010): 1st: J & B Evans, Three Creeks Fanta; 2nd: Tuhan Family, Alston Emmielou; 3rd: Jody Boyd, Redlou 800.