Winemakers pour their heart into every bottle

By Vanessa Wiltshire

ROMANCE and satisfaction are natural bedfellows, particularly when it comes to an award-winning glass of wine.

The industry is glamour-filled, but this is mostly illusion.

Behind the process are real people, not dissimilar to you and I. They are committed to a passion and toil beneath the hammering summer sun and beating winter hail. They deliver the wine that thousands of people visit Heathcote each year to enjoy.

While the 2019 vintage is shaping up to be a gorgeous drop, the product comes at a price.

Record-breaking heat, low rainfall and animals in search of fodder have tested the resolve of winegrowers and workers.

The McIvor Times is currently documenting the process through words and photos and will present the “Grape to Glass” story in April/May.

If you are a winegrower / maker, viticulturalist, worker, or are part of the industry it is not too late to get involved.

Our goal is to showcase the people and the process, to tell their stories and to lift the veil.

Simply, there is more to winemaking than most people know. We want to get this message out.

It’s a story of dedication and passion, hands and heart, grit and sweat, loss and frustration, joy and hope.

Contact: Vanessa Wiltshire, journalist: [email protected]