Classic weekend

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

It’s a big weekend at Deniliquin Golf Club with the popular Harvey Norman Spring Classic.

There are great prizes on offer for the 36 holes fourball best ball stableford event, with the first round tomorrow and the second round on Sunday.

The draw is on page 19.

To kick off the weekend there will be a big night at the club this evening, with raffles, Joker’s Wild and great meals on offer.

On course the field numbers were down on Saturday due to inclement weather, and most players found the scoring difficult. A grade winner was Geoff Corboy with 37 points, defeating David ‘Digger’ Ring on countback, while in B grade captain John Irwin had 39 to beat runner-up Merrill Randall on 36.

On Wednesday Leigh Chappell had 41 points to win on countback from Peter Beckton in A grade, while Dan Wade also had 41 to win by a shot from Don Alexander in B grade.

Last Thursday’s ladies stableford event was won in A grade by Sue Cohen with 36 from Marg Radeski on 35, and in B grade Ali Ferguson had 34 to defeat Rae Lawrence on 33.

The monthly Monday vets was also played this week and won by Graeme ‘Wrecker’ Willoughby with 39, from a true veteran in Rita Barnes with 35.

Last week’s results:

Thursday September 13, ladies single stableford:

A grade S Cohen 36, r/u M Radeski 35; B grade A Ferguson 34, r/u R Lawrence 33 c/b. Ball comp: L O’Brien, M Sharp, M Rothwell, K Campbell, P Davis, B Leetham, Y Holmes, J Goodwin, S Aitken, G Bull, c/o 32. NTP: J Wall, M Radeski.

Saturday September 15, single stableford:

A grade G Corboy 37 c/b, r/u D Ring 37; B grade J Irwin 39, r/u M Randall 36. Ball comp: J Irwin, M Lyne, G Corboy, D Ring, S Bindon, M Randall, A Ferguson, K Maher, J Radeski, F Conallin, T Lugsdin, R Yates, D Wade, L Chappell, R Friend, W Pearce, L Campbell. NTP: 2nd S Drennan; 5th S Bindon, K Pearce; 9th J Radeski, M Radeski; 11th G Willoughby, F Harrington; 13th R Friend, J Tasker. Golden hole B Barlow.

Monday September 17, veterans:

G Willoughby 39, r/u R Barnes 35 c/b. Ball comp: R Bolton, P Davis, D Ramsey, G Beckton, c/o 31.

Tuesday September 18, ladies nine hole stableford:

1st S Aitken 23, 2nd P Grant 21, 3rd K Cathcart 20 c/b. Ball comp: D Seignior, B Leetham, M Sharp, P Aitken, K Campbell, M Smith. NTP: F Harrington.

Wednesday September 19, men’s single stableford:

A grade L Chappell 41 c/b, r/u P Beckton 41; B grade D Wade 41, r/u D Alexander 40. Ball comp: D Wade, P Beckton, D Alexander, R Aitken, F Conallin, D Ring, R Parks, R Landy, R Friend, N Purtill, L Chappell, M Lyne, K Pearce, C Liefting, A Hall, I Campbell, A Ellerman, c/o 35. NTP: 9th F Conallin, J Begg. Golden hole D Wade.