Cobram crowns its club champions

By Cobram Courier

Cobram Bowls Club

Several championship events were decided during the pennant break.

On December 21, the finals of the men’s B grade and ladies championships were played.

Keith Faulkner played Mark (Basha) Baldwin for the men’s B-grade crown before a good crowd of club members and visitors attending the club for a pre-Christmas party.

Baldwin was able to hold off Faulkner and obtain bragging rights.

The women’s championship match was a re-match of last year’s finalists — Joy Mynard and Kerry Baldacchino.

Once again, Mynard found herself behind on the scoreboard, but with some persistent and accurate bowling got within striking distance of the goal.

However, this year in a reversal of results, Cobram’s new champion is Kerry Baldacchino.

Steve Tatnall is the men’s club champion after a tough battle with Ron (Doc) Dougherty on Saturday.

While the temperature provided much better conditions for playing bowls than the high temperatures of recent days, the gusty wind challenged both of these high-class bowlers.

There were only a couple of shots in the game either way and, after it reached 24-all, it was down to Dougherty’s last bowl to try disturb Tatnall’s bowl which was holding shot by about half an inch, or promote his own bowl which was holding second shot.

While he touched his own bowl, it was not enough to change the outcome.

Pennant resumes after the Christmas/New Year break.

Friday, round 10

Division one v Numurkah Golf away: G Thorne, C Dunne, I Saunders, M McDonald (s); J Warfe, B Ingram, C Thomas, B Turner (s); J Mynard, V Quinane, G Murphy, B Smethurst (s). Manager: J Warfe.

Division two v Picola at home: M Carlisle, Annette Temple, C Mathers, C Doherty (s); G Monk, M Dougherty, M Cooper, A Williams (s); C Ward, B Quinane, E Evans, G Mann (s). Manager: C Doherty.

Saturday, round 10:

Division one v Wunghnu at home: A Vinecombe, M McDonald, G Carter, G Dunn(s); R Smith, M Baldwin, A McDonald, R Parks (s); J Anders, G Williams, W Nelson, R Dougherty (s); V Kendell, R Griffiths, K Baldacchino, S Tatnall (s). Manager: S Tatnall.

Division two v Tocumwal Golf away: G Thorne, C McDonald, L Vinecombe, D Quinane (s); B Doyle, J Beasley, K Faulkner, P Quinane (s); J Mynard, I Saunders, C Thomas, B Walker (s); M Stephens, R Sullivan, A Reeves, B Smethurst (s). Manager: B Walker.

Division three v Wunghnu at home: K Saunders, P McKay, I Bray, P Garland (s); C Ward, B Maddox, J Crump, G Mynard (s); G Bowen, A Temple, J Taylor, A Rushby (s). Manager: P McKay.

Division four v Tocumwal Golf three away: D Collie, B Doherty, G Kennedy, J Burkitt (s); M Violi, F Wallace, N Walsh, P O’Dwyer (s). Manager J Burkitt.