Fords stop at Big Strawberry

By Cobram Courier

Fords of old thundered down Goulburn Valley Hwy on March 8, stopping in at Koonoomoo on the first day of a trip around Australia.

David Frake from GT Ford Performance in Melbourne organised the trip with a couple of GT enthusiasts, with the group to travel from Melbourne across Australia before finishing at this year’s GT Nationals in Adelaide.

Shepparton was the Ford enthusiasts’ first stop; they spent the morning at Rendevski Transport for some photos and a chat, before moving on to The Big Strawberry at Koonoomoo.

‘‘We’re heading from here to Griffith, then on to Sydney, from Sydney to Bathurst then up to Queensland ... across to Cooktown, then down to Darwin, then to Perth, then down to Albany then going to the Falcon GT Nationals in Adelaide at the end of April,’’ Mr Frake said.

He said a friend suggested the idea and from there the plan grew into a five-week trip.

Members hope to meet as many car enthusiasts as they can at each stop, with plans to stay in each major town along the way.

‘‘We’re planning on being in each major town on each weekend, so that people can come out and see us when we turn up there,’’ Mr Frake said.

The group’s journey to nationals is being filmed for a documentary, with plans to share stories from car lovers across the country at each stop along the way.

Group members hoped the ride would bring car enthusiasts from across the country together while also raising awareness for a cause close to their hearts.

‘‘We’re raising a little bit of awareness for police suicide because one of the guys that’s with us — his friend unfortunately took his life, a police officer back in Western Australia, so he’s trying to raise a bit of awareness with regards to that,’’ Mr Frake said.

●The group’s journey across Australia can be followed on the GT Ford Performance Facebook page.