Shed ensures Kub Kars back on track

June 07, 2018

The Cubs at the 1st Seymour Scout Group are all excited to have to have a new track for racing their Kub Kars, courtesy of the Seymour Men’s Shed.

A popular activity for Cubs in the 1st Seymour Scout Group is the making and racing of Kub Kars. These are wooden blocks which Cubs are helped to turn into whatever their imagination wants them to be, and then they are raced on a track.

The Seymour Cub Scouts once had their own Kub Kar track but when the group had a short break about three years ago the track went to another group.

When the Seymour group started up again, a Cubs leader engaged Seymour Men’s Shed to build another track.

Seymour Scouts leader Steve Ellis is full of praise for the work done by the Men’s Shed members and said John Garcia and James Hadfield recently delivered the new track to the Scout hall.

‘‘They significantly upgraded the track so that it now has six lanes, is higher at the start point so the Kub Kars will go faster, and it has a starting mechanism,’’ Mr Ellis said.

‘‘The Cubs are really pumped to have it — our thanks go to Seymour Men’s Shed for doing such a great job.’’

With a new track for their Kub Kars, Mr Ellis said the Cubs in the 1st Seymour Scout Group were now going from strength to strength.

‘‘We have six leaders of youth now and 24 Cub Scouts. Already this term we have marched on Anzac Day, hiked the Cathedral Range State Park, been visited by the State Cub Commissioner, and made plaster masks,’’ he said.

‘‘We still have a camp and a Star Wars dress-up program to look forward to before we finish the term with our disco. And there are of course many other sections to the Seymour Scout Group catering for all age brackets.’’

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