Holler for a Marshall

May 30, 2018

Marshall Batteries, at 45 Wallis St, Seymour, out the back of the Stihl Shop, is the town’s one-stop battery shop.

Owner/manager Donna Fulton has been running Marshall Batteries with partner, Mick, for almost eight years.

While the company mainly does batteries for cars, four wheel drives and trucks, they also specialise in dual battery set-ups, as well as batteries for motorcycles, jet skis and lawnmowers.

‘‘People can drive in and we’ll test their battery for free ... and if they need a new one, we’ll fit it for free, but we do charge a little bit extra for four-wheel drives and trucks,’’ she said.

‘‘If someone is stuck up the street they can ring us and we’ll sort them out.’’

While the business is pretty constant, Ms Fulton said it did get heavier when there was a cold snap as changes in temperature could bring on battery failure.

If you need assistance, phone 1300 Marshall or 0411194839.

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