Creek a blight on ambience

May 18, 2018

A petition made by Vicki and Peter Chapman to get Whiteheads Creek cleaned out has been signed by almost 1,300 people.

I would like to echo the sentiments expressed by a recent visitor to Seymour, ‘‘Bruce’’, in his letter to the Editor.

As a newbie to the town I love my (almost daily) walks around the streets and I am enjoying exploring my new neighbourhood.

I am concerned however by the gross smell that comes from Whiteheads Creek as I cross the bridge near St Mary’s College — not all the time but semi regularly.

I am also interested to see that despite the lack of rain and drier than normal season we are experiencing, the water level in the creek doesn’t seem to go down?

I find this curious and I wonder does anyone know why?

I have also noticed how chock full the drains are with dead trees, weeds and rubbish — real estate signs and shopping trolleys included. It’s not a good look and I understand there is some real concern regarding flooding for the town due to the inability of excess water to flow away through the drains to the Goulburn.

Is someone going to clean out these drains because it looks well overdue to this new kid on the block and winter is coming.

— J. Fairweather,


Often left wondering

Sometimes I just shake my head in bewilderment.

After taking the time to report dumped rubbish in a waterway that flows into Whiteheads Creek (and so into the Goulburn) to the council last week prior to the predicted rain event, I was thinking I was doing the right thing.

Evidently not because yesterday driving past the same location, guess what — said rubbish was still there!

It is just the same as the ‘‘report abandoned trolleys’’ service.

After taking the time to report the trolleys dumped at the bridge near the Catholic School, they languished there for weeks (and may still be there as I haven’t walked past for a couple of weeks). Why bother?

Meanwhile people like Max Flint volunteer their time to try to clean up with C.U.T.E. (Cleaning up the Environment) and Rotary doing the roadside clean up (Adopt a Road) yet the council seem more focused on other things.

Perhaps this public notice may attract some Council attention?

There is a big load of rubbish dumped in Whiteheads Creek at the bridge near the Wallis St intersection.

— Dave Palmer,


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