Swans go down by one goal

May 10, 2018

Rebecca Bath. Pictures: Gus McCubbing

Sarah Brown.

Avenel 37 def by

Tallygaroopna 38

Tallygaroopna sensationally knocked down Avenel for the first time this year, with one goal the final margin.

With Avenel undefeated and the Redlegs entering the match having only lost one game, the clash was destined to be a roaring affair.

And it didn’t disappoint.

Swans playing-coach Kelly Smith said the entire game was a constant battle, with the margin never getting above a four-goal lead.

‘‘Tallygaroopna’s defenders were relentless, however our attacking end adapted well to their pressure and they had the patience not to force the ball into our goalers,’’ Smith said.

‘‘Narae Blackwell and Nikki Lord stood strong in the goal circle, with precise feeding from the mid court. Our floating defence end picked off numerous feeds into the Tally goalers, which added to the overall team pressure across the entire court.

‘‘The A-grade team can take some real confidence out of this game, knowing we have the ability to be competitive and match one of the top sides in this competition.’’

Despite the Swans’ line-up missing key performers from previous seasons, Tallygaroopna coach Lisa Crosier said the Redlegs had prepared for the tough competition that greeted them in Kyabram District Netball League.

‘‘We knew that they were a very different side to what they have been previously, but we never underestimated them because they’re always very competitive,’’ she said.

‘‘Avenel’s defensive pressure is always a huge asset of their game and they play a floating defence that made us work hard and think about how to get it into our attacking end.’’

But Tallygaroopna’s own back end of Rebecca Humphrey and Baree Giles kept the Swans in check.

‘‘I think our defensive pressure was pretty good and our use of the ball was pretty patient with the ball going into attack,’’ Crosier said.

The Swans now sit third on the ladder and will take on eighth-placed Undera in an away game this weekend.

■Avenel’s C-grade side lost to Tallygaroopna 16-61; the under-17s went down 30-41 and the under-15s recorded a 39-32 victory.

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