Hair today, gone for Relay

April 10, 2018

Seymour's Carol Parsons will say goodbye to her long hair at the Relay for Life event in Avenel this weekend.

A Seymour woman has committed to cutting off her long locks because she knows ‘‘too many people’’ who have died from cancer or are suffering from cancer treatments.
Carol Parsons, who works in aged care at Seymour Health, will have her hair cut at 5.45pm on Saturday, as part of the Relay for Life held in Avenel this weekend.
Ms Parsons has joined a team called ‘Our Everyday Heroes’, which has participated in Relay for Life for the past nine years, raising more than $60,000. 
So far Ms Parsons has personally raised more than $700 and said she was inspired to take part in the event because she wanted to help raise money for cancer research.
‘‘I know so many people who have died from cancer, so many who are struggling through it, and all the amazing survivors,’’ she said. 
‘‘I think they’re great heroes, they really are.
‘‘I decided to do the fundraiser as well, because I would just like to see the cancer research continue the way it has ... I first got in the health system in 1979 and it was a whole different ball game — it was terrible. It was like a life sentence ... and now I could probably reel off 10 people I know who have survived and are doing really well, which is wonderful.’’
And while many people with long hair might be nervous cutting their hair off, something Ms Parsons hasn’t done since 2010, she said she can’t wait, as it will make her life a whole lot easier.
‘‘I actually much prefer short hair,’’ she said. 
‘‘I’m having a number four shave and I’m getting excited at the thought of getting rid of all this, because it’s starting to get heavy. 
‘‘I go to water aerobics twice a week and washing it every week is a bit of a pain. So I feel like it will give me a new freedom, which is lovely.’’

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