Cops save bacon

April 05, 2018

Seymour Police were asked to catch some errant pigs over the weekend.

The pigs hadn’t been drinking, but they still ended up in the back of the divvy van.

It was a case of piggies in the middle when Seymour Police received numerous calls from motorists reporting pigs grazing on the Hume Fwy centre median strip on the weekend.

The Seymour van crew set off to save the pigs and eventually found them grazing in the middle of the freeway.

Despite being much-loved pets of a local resident and happy to see humans, the animals proved difficult to catch.

But after considerable chasing, both pigs were finally placed into the back of the divvy van and driven to their farm.

The serial escape artists were back on the median strip the following day, but were once again returned safely to their owner.

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