Teams level on games heading to Round 6

March 30, 2018

With the Labour Day public holiday last Monday providing an opportunity to play the Royal Rascals vs POW 26ers Round 1 match that was postponed, we saw the two teams line up against one another to bring some order back to the ladder.

With the Labour Day public holiday last Monday providing an opportunity to play the Royal Rascals vs POW 26ers Round 1 match that was postponed, we saw the two teams line up against one another to bring some order back to the ladder, which will ease the anxiety from the stats officer’s obsessive compulsive disorder.

Both teams struggled early with pegging, as the quads game dragged on for some time before Ben MacPherson snagged the double 1 peg that acted like a dam wall busting. The visitors had no trouble finishing for the rest of the night, coming away with an 8-3 win that propels them into fourth position.

The home team had a quiet night regarding highlights, with John Crockett scoring a 115 as the only triple figure score for the Rascals.

The 26ers were well led by captain Steve Ash who finished the night with a 105 and 135; Mitch McGuinness rose to the occasion registering high scores 114, 133 and 135; Ben MacPherson scored two tons; and gun recruit Lily Cohen scored a ton and 124 to round out the highlights for the Labour Day clash.

With the long weekend over and all teams back on the same amount of games played, we look to Round 6.

First Match of the round saw the ladder leading Golf Club Aces going toe to toe with the Bottom Pub Pirates.

With the Aces not having played in three weeks due to a forfeit and long weekend you could forgive them if they were a bit rusty, but the break seemed to spur them on as they came out firing on all cylinders, winning five games straight before the Pirates fired a shot.

The Pirates battled hard but the result was decided after seven games; the Aces winning the night 7-4 in the end.

The Aces were well served by Dan Raynor who slammed in five tons and 140; Steve Raynor finished the night with four tons and 125; Frank Roberts returned to his best with six tons, 135 and a high peg of 58; and Emily Wills showed her pegging prowess with 102 bull finish to go with her four tons.

The Pirates’ Steve Kilroy was on song after a week off, throwing three tons; Drew Grantham saved his best for his last game of the night to throw a ton and 140; and Dan Kilroy had a high peg of 72.

Next game of the round had the POW 26ers hosting the POW Kings which turned into an interesting battle with the 26ers aiming to move up the ladder and the Kings working hard to keep touch with the top four.

But it was the home team, with the exceptional finishing skills of Torin Helmore, that came away grinners with a 7-4 victory. Torin Helmore put on an exhibition throwing five tons and three 140s to go with high pegs of 72 and 75 in an exceptional individual performance.

Ben MacPherson was the other standout for the 26ers with three tons and 140 and Mitch McGuinness chipped in with a 133.

The Kings had a quiet night by their standards; Jeff Rhue throwing a single ton, Jarrod Duggin smashed in 140 and a high peg of 70; and Terran Crispin scored two tons along with pegs of 68 and 70.

The Broadford Vikings took on the POW Rebels in the next match up, with the Vikings locking themselves into third position after sending the Rebels packing with a 10-1 win.

Vikings’ captain Mark Jones was in the zone, finishing the night with five tons, 121, 140 and a high peg of 52; Peter Myles threw six tons; Jayde Pearson snagged 140 and 50 peg; and Mark Ruddick nailed two tons and 140.

Darryl Reid was a shining light for the visitors, scoring himself a ton, 138 and a high peg of 50; and Geoff Dixon was the other high scorer for the Rebels, spearing in 134 to cap off a dirty night.

Next up we had the Royal Rascals facing off against the Renegades. With the Renegades still searching for their first win for the season, they were out for blood.

The ’Gades got the jump on the Rascals early, winning six of the first seven matches to put the game beyond doubt with the final result being 8-3 in the ’Gades favour, to break their duck and get some points on the board.

The home team’s highlights were single tons to the Crockett brothers, Stuart and John.

The Renegades’ boom recruit Steve Bertucci was the pick of the bunch as the debutant smashed in a ton, 120, 121 to go with the round high peg of 103.

Scott Oakley was the other high scorer, he managed a single ton.

The final game of the round pitted the POW Misfits against the Lions, with the Misfits keen to regain their place in the top four after the 26ers knocked them down to fifth position.

The Misfits battled hard and threw some excellent darts, but the Lions remain a force to be reckoned with, dispatching the Misfits 10-1 with a score line that wasn’t reflective of the closeness of the battle.

The Misfits’ Aaron Ballantyne returned to form with a ton, 101 and a high peg of 76. His brother Ayden was impressive on debut, finishing the night with three tons to his name. Geoff Maggs speared in two tons and Beau Maggs was exceptional in first game of the season, nailing two tons, 101, 116 and 120.

The Lions highlights included six tons, 120 and 121 to Rob Welsh; Rick Wylie finished the night with three tons; Adam Lynch was on song with a ton, 113, 121 and 125 to go with his high peg of 55; and Lions’ captain Liz Henzell smashed in 116, 121 and 122 to wrap up Round 6 of the summer comp.

With one week of darts left before we break for Easter, we turn our attention to Round 7 with some mouthwatering match ups that should see yet another cracking week of competition.

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— Daniel Kilroy

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