School making a huge difference

March 28, 2018

Nagambie Primary School is sponsoring prep student Jenipher, 5, from Tanzania.

Nagambie Primary School has taken on the sponsorship of five-year-old Tanzanian prep student Jenipher, as part of its relationship with the Steven Tito Academy school.

Students at Nagambie Primary School will have the opportunity to write to Jenipher and the school is able to continue her sponsorship for seven years, the current local preps and their sponsor child will be able to graduate together in 2024.

Attending the Steven Tito Academy will make a huge difference in Jenipher’s life, Nagambie Primary School principal Rob French said.

Jenipher lives in a two-room mud house with her parents — who are both farmers with only primary school education — and three siblings, according to the Steven Tito Academy.

She helps out at home by washing dishes, and enjoys reading and playing outside with her friends.

In 2017 Nagambie Primary School raised more than $1200 for the Steven Tito Academy, where former student, Lauren George, taught for a number of years.

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