Garry gets going on grocery grab

March 21, 2018

Garry Sutton (middle) and Goulburn Options CEO Rosey Panelli with O’Keefe’s IGA staff before the grocery grab takes off.

Garry’s ‘grocery grab assistant’ Megan Hill on the hunt for some coffee and walnuts.

When Garry Sutton’s two minutes of free shopping at O’Keefe’s IGA began yesterday morning, coffee was the only thing on his mind.

As the owner of the winning ticket in the Goulburn Options ‘grocery grab’ raffle, Garry’s prize was everything he could fit into a shopping trolley within the time limit.

Garry said while he was not as nimble as he used to be, he was well-assisted by Megan Hill from Goulburn Options.

‘‘She got the sort of things I wouldn’t even think about,’’ he said.

‘‘My priority was just coffee. I’ve got a dog, but she only eats chicken ... so I’m not sure if I got anything for her. I really won’t know too much about the haul until I get home and sort it all out.

‘‘But right now I’ve just got to find a way of getting it home!’’

Goulburn Options volunteer Margaret Sheppard said the purpose of the raffle was to raise funds for the new centre in High St.

‘‘We ran the raffle over three months and sold $3100 worth of tickets, so it’s been very successful and all the Seymour community got behind it ... and Garry has been a longtime supporter of Goulburn Options, so it’s pleasing that he won it,’’ she said.

Goulburn Options chief executive officer Rosey Panelli said she enjoyed the event and was grateful towards all those involved.

‘‘I’d really like to thank Sue and Peter O’Keefe and IGA’s support of the raffle — they’ve always been good and loyal supporters of Goulburn Options,’’ she said.

‘‘We should also thank the volunteers who spent hours in the streets selling the tickets. It was a lot of fun and Garry had a really good attitude towards it.’’

Garry ended up grabbing about $350 worth of groceries, with O’Keefe’s IGA donating $100.

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