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March 21, 2018

Riverine Herald deputy editor Tyla Harrington, journalist Ivy Jensen, photographer Luke Hemer and McPherson Media group editor (non-dailies) Andrew Mole at the Quills on Friday night.

Our sister paper the Riverine Herald has received a prestigious Quill award from the Melbourne Press Club during a ceremony at the Crown Palladium.

The award was for coverage of a tragedy in February 2017 when a mother allegedly murdered one of her two sons and attempted to murder the other.

McPherson Media Group non-dailies editor Andrew Mole said Tyla Harrington, Ivy Wise, Luke Hemer, Vivienne Duck and Rusty Woodger worked for three days — mostly on their days off — to provide the most professional coverage of the biggest breaking story in the region for years.

‘‘Receiving this award is peer recognition of the amazing job our team did covering this desperately sad event,’’ Mr Mole said.

‘‘But it does not cover the story behind the news — of a shattered family that has been left to try and rescue the future of the surviving son, or of the grandparents forced back into raising a young child,’’ he said.

‘‘I believe the work our journalists did was in the finest traditions of the industry — it also got Tyla, Vivienne and Rusty into the finals of the Walkley Young Australian Journalist of the Year.

‘‘However, after receiving the award on Friday, and the congratulations of the huge crowd in attendance, our journalists reflected on the balance between an industry achievement and the total reality of the story they had covered.

‘‘I believe it speaks volumes for their character that even in a moment of career triumph they could recognise the fragility of life and that the first story is not always the last.’’

Rusty Woodger now works for the Geelong Advertiser. Vivienne Duck was overseas on leave and unable to attend the presentation.

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