Local businesses beware

January 31, 2018

Seymour Bowling Club and Broadford Bowling Club wish to warn local businesses of printing firms claiming to represent their clubs seeking payment for the printing of bowling scorecards. Their business details then appear on the cards.

The offer of free scorecards may have been made to the clubs initially and been given the okay, but the selection of sponsors is totally random and without the knowledge of the bowling clubs until the cards are received. They also have no knowledge of the amount being paid by the local businesses for this privilege.

The practice of implementing an annual ‘‘roll-over’’ invoice and further delivery of cards is definitely not authorised by the clubs.

The Seymour and Broadford Bowling Clubs appreciate their sponsors’ contribution to their clubs, and have always used a face-to-face approach with sponsors. They no longer condone this method of sponsorship /advertising and if local businesses have contact with these printers please seek consultation with the clubs before agreeing to, or making payment for, the manufacture of the cards.

We acknowledge that, as a relatively small community with only a certain amount of sponsorship dollars available, such practices are compromising the partnership between community clubs and local businesses. Having an outside organisation soliciting local businesses to contribute on their supposed behalf may well be denying other community groups the opportunity of receiving sponsorship funding in this district.

—Linda Brown,

Seymour Bowling Club, Sponsorship Committee

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