New South Wales woman wins big in Seymour

January 08, 2018

A cross-border road trip from New South Wales to Melbourne has yielded a happy woman $75,000 after she scratched the top prize on a $5 Crosswords Instant Scratch-Its from Seymour News & Lotto. 
“I bought tickets from six different outlets from Seymour to Kilsyth, then I put them in a pile and shuffled them so I had no idea where I bought it from! I had no idea!” she exclaimed.
“It was the first place we stopped, on our way to Melbourne, but it was the last ticket I scratched!
“We were checking it, writing the words out, writing the letters out, double checking it again and looking at it again – it was just mental!
“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would win!
 When asked how the Crosswords fan planned to spend her $75,000 winnings, she revealed it had already been put to good use.
“With this win the house has been paid off! Done and dusted! That’s the majority of it, and the rest is just to have a bit of extra for me and my husband,” she exclaimed.
“We’re really happy to clear the house – the best feeling in the world to actually own your house. To not have to have any repayments is brilliant!”
Dianna Zhang, owner of Seymour News & Lotto, said she was thrilled the outlet had sold a top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its.
 “Such a big prize for them! Hope they enjoy their win!”

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