Spencer to represent region

December 21, 2017

1) Winner Greg Jones, Runner-up Ian McBean 2) Winners Shane Stanley/Geoff Neal (s), runners-up Alan Loweke/Luke Spargo (s)

1) Winner Greg Jones, Runner-up Ian McBean 2) Winners Shane Stanley/Geoff Neal (s), runners-up Alan Loweke/Luke Spargo (s)


Congratulations to Jack Spencer who recently won the Central Goulburn Murray Under-25 men’s title.

Jack now goes on to represent the region in the Victorian championships.

The mid-week Division 5 pennant side recorded a 32-shot victory against Kyabram and with a seven win to two loss record remain in second position.

The Division 5 Saturday pennant side defeated Shepparton Park by 36 shots and have moved up to third on the ladder. Joe Gattuso, Keith Millar, Keith Hollands and Ed Dunn were defeated 21/24.

Lyn Dunn, John Dennis, John Sinden and Vicki Reidy won 34/22.

Pina Gattuso, Lyn Millar, Lyn Sinden and Fiona Smith had a 35/18 victory.

The Section 1 team played Seymour and were defeated by nice shots in a close match.

Jack Spencer playing his first game as skip had a 26/22 win ably supported by Angel Mannakin, Rob Smith and Rob Page.

John Humphries, Brian Nisbet, Paul Nichols and Daniel Nichols continued their good form winning 27/24.

Mick Mitchell, Graeme Barber, Mick Nolan and Paul Nichols were defeated 22/33.

Chris Spencer, Bardy McLeod, Des Fothergill and Greg Brack went down 22/29.

The top three sides have broken away from the pack with Nagambie in fourth place and every team still in the hunt for a finals berth.

The men’s final for the Club Championship is between president Rob Smith and the winner of the match between Greg Brack and Mick Nolan.

A large crowd enjoyed festivities at the clubrooms on Saturday night with entertainment provide by Kevin Phelan and catering by Joe Gattuso.


Christmas cheer was celebrated with great gusto and club participation on Saturday after pennant.

The Christmas raffle was drawn. Winners were: first prize, Jennifer Stephens; second prize, Bronwyn Allen; third prize, Allen Welsh; and fourth prize, Noel Pianta.

The social committee prepared a barbecue and thank all members who attended to made the evening so enjoyable.

The Taurus Meat Tray was won by Gladys Burgoyne, the Taurus Breakfast Tray by Eliot Jarman with the voucher going to Benie Dillon.

Bernie’s Barrel, a voucher from Hogan’s Hotel was won by Biggles Brown.

Pennant during the past week has been exceptionally good for our club.

Four games of midweek pennant played (CBD and GV) were all winning games.

At the weekend only three games was played for the Seymour club and all were winning games.

Seven out of seven for the week.


Division one — round 9

It was a lovely win for Seymour which travelled to Mooroopna Golf to come home winners 14-76 to 2-70.

Bernie Dillon, Milton Howell, Marg Locke, Maureen Prudden (s) 23 lost to J. Doherty 26;

Lynda Rohde, Rob Baldwin, Jenny Ridd, Wilma Atkins (s) 25 defeated E. Gale 21;

Bill Solomon, David Atkins, Trudy Golding, Dot Dillon (s) 28 defeated F. Wheelhouse 23.

Division three

Seymour played at home gaining a good percentage boost by defeating Rushworth 16-98 to 0-44.

Graeme Flint, Jan Nichols, Marty Wesselman, Gladys Burgoyne (s) 27 defeated K. Garvey 15;

Lois White, Linda Brown, Rob Brown, Jan Wesselman (s) 33 defeated L. Donders 16;

Barb Plus, Pat Dawe, Gail Krzciuk, Di Staples (s) 38 defeated C. Borger 13.

Division five

In this game, at home to Colbinabbin, Seymour won 12-49 to 2-42.

Bob Tomkins, Wendy Hutton, Marg Callaghan, Anne Cassar (s) 19 lost to R. Weeks 26;

Trish Green, Noel Pianta, Graeme Prime, Marg Flynn (s) 30 defeated D. Chandler 16.


Division one — round 8

Seymour had a great win at Eildon winning two of the three rinks — 14-73 to 2-60.

Derek Blakeman, Doug Hutton, Ian Ridd, Peter Holland (s) 28 defeated L. Di Bella 15;

Allan Welsh, Jenny Kreemers, Lois Tomkins, Dale Sellick(s) 29 defeated R. McGowan 22;

Dilva Grattan, Jim Bruce, Lyn Meek, Dennis Klein (s) 16 lost to S. Matcham 23.


Division one — round 8

Seymour at home defeated highly fancied Nagambie 14-108 to 2-97.

Jenny Ridd, David Atkins, Andy Mackintosh, Robert Baldwin (s) 29 defeated G. Brock 22;

Terry Flynn, Eliot Jarman, Dale Sellick, Max Hammond (s) 33 defeated P. Nichols 22;

Wilma Atkins, Dot Dillon, Bill Solomon, Robert Baldwin (s) lost to J. Spencer 26;

Ian Ridd, Jeff Rhue, Bernie Dillon, Mat O’Sullivan (s) 24 lost to D. Nichols 27.

Division five

Seymour played on the synthetic green defeating Violet Town 12-71 to 4-62.

Linda Brown, Doug Hutton, Mark Law, Steve Reed (s) 18 lost to G. Jones 25;

Eon Densworth Graeme Prime, Terry Smalley, Derrick Boyd (s) 32 defeated K. Byrne 8;

Derek Blakeman, Lyn Meek, Marty Wesselman, Maureen Prudden (s) 21 lost to D. Underwood 29.

Division six

Seymour defeated Mooroopna on both rinks 14-49 to 0-27.

Lyn Rieniets, Neil Harris, Jim Bruce, Anne Cassar (s) 23 defeated E. Brown 21;

Holly Johnson, Pat Dawe, Di Staples, Marg Flynn (s) 26 defeated D. Blake 16.


Winners this week were Doug Hutton, Milton Howell, Dot Malin with plus 20.

Jackpot winners were Ron Ridd, Tiki Donohue and Peter Smith.

Club Pairs Champions 2017/18

Women: Wilma Atkins and Dot Dillon with runners-up Lyn Meek and Lois Tomkins.

Men: Matt O’Sullivan and Bernie Dillon, runners-up Bill Solomon and Garry Broderick.

Club Singles Champions 2017/18

Women: Jennifer Kreemers, Runner-up Jan Wesselman.

Men: Max Hammond, Runner-up Robert Brown.

Seymour VRI Bowling Club

Midweek Pennant

The Midweek Pennant Team travelled to Wallan for the last game prior to the Christmas break, resulting in a three-rink win by 14 shots up overall.

All the rinks were a close result with all rinks winning their ends late in the game for the result and holding second position on the ladder from Kilmore who have a better percentage.

Seymour VRI 16-67 def. Wallan 0-53.

Results: J. Tuckwell, S. Stanley, I. Nichols, J. Purcell (s) 23 defeated B. Smethurst 17.

G. Dixon, R. Hockley, M. Furletti, G. Jones (s) 24 defeated W. Lingham 19.

P. Smith, P. Delzotto, D. Prudden, B. Dawe (s) 20 defeated J. Marshall 17.

Midweek Pennant resumes on Tuesday, January 16 against Broadford at the Seymour VRI green.

Saturday Pennant

Division Three Goulburn Valley

Results: I. McBean, M. Furletti, W. Noonan, L. Spargo (s) 28 defeated R. Matthews 18.

B. Voogt, R. Hockley, J. Purcell, G. Jones (s) 30 defeated R. Hubble 20.

B. Anderson, M. Puppa, D. Prudden, B. Dawe (s) 23 defeated V. Page 18.

P. Challis, D. Clarke, M. Szczykulski, G. Neal (s) 23 defeated R. Phillips 20.

The meat tray raffle supplied by Taurus Fine Meats was won by Bob Philp of Seymour VRI.

Club Championships

The Club Singles Championship played on Friday was won by Greg Jones defeating Ian McBean, scoring 25/15. Well done Greg Jones who previously won the Club Championship five years ago.

The Club Pairs Championships also played on Friday was a close and tense game between Shayne Stanley, Geoff Neal and Alan Loweke, Luke Spargo.

The game was played on 18 ends and Alan Loweke and Luke Spargo led at every end except on the 13th end when Stanley and Neal held the lead for only one end. At the 17th end Loweke and Spargo were one shot up and in the box seat to win, but Stanley and Neal scored two shots on the last end to pinch the championship by one shot. The end result being Shayne Stanley and Geoff Neal 18 shots defeated Alan Loweke and Luke Spargo 17 shots.

A game well played by all.

All Saturday Pennant teams will break for Christmas and resume on Saturday, January 1. The Division One team will travel to Broadford, while the Division Three Goulburn Valley team will travel to Shepparton Golf.

The Club Christmas break up is being held at the Seymour VRI Bowling Club on Sunday afternoon.


The club was busy last week with pennant on Tuesday plus the Midweek tournament and catering for several Christmas functions.

The week began with the Senior Citizens’ Christmas lunch on Monday followed by pennant Tuesday, the tournament on Thursday then functions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Friday lunchtime, pennant on Saturday, and ending with the Christmas breakup party on Sunday.

A big thanks to those members who assisted with the tournament and the functions.

Well done to our Midweek tournament secretary Kate on her great effort to make this year’s tournament such a success. I know she spent many hours getting everything ready and chasing up entries.

Unhappily our on-green efforts weren’t as successful with losses in pennant in both divisions on both Tuesday and Saturday.

Hopefully the break will refresh us and we will find our winning form once more.

The men’s championship final is scheduled for Friday morning at 10am and should be a closely fought game; good luck and good bowling to both men.

We wish Jenny all the best for the GVBD ladies’ Champion of Champions competition being held this week.

The tournament was won by a team from Seymour with Rushworth runner-up and Euroa getting the ‘encouragement’ award; thanks to Lois from Seymour who agreed to act as umpire for the tournament in Joyce’s absence.

The Christmas hampers were won by James Wall and Lucas Black, grandsons of two of our members.

I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy 2018.

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