Outstanding skills

December 15, 2017

GOTafe commerial manager of building, construction, plumbing and electrical Brendan Rogash presents Tammy Cammileri, 19 with a certificate for most outstanding student in furnitute making.

Nineteen-year-old Tammy Cammileri has been named student of the year in furniture making at GOTAFE Seymour Campus, receiving a voucher from Seymour Hardware Group to go with her certificate.

While furniture making has for a long time been a male-dominated environment, Ms Cammileri said she would love to see more women working in the industry.

‘‘There aren’t many at the moment, which is a bit sad, because they feel a bit left out,’’ she said.

‘‘They feel like they can’t really get into it because they’ll get judged too much, which is quite upsetting, because women can play a big part and they have a better attention to detail than a lot of guys.

‘‘But you’re hearing a lot more about women in trades these days, which is great. I guess society is just becoming more accepting of the idea that women can do as much as guys can.’’

After finishing off her Cert II in furniture making, Tammy is now looking forward to a working life.

‘‘I’m looking at going into the workforce as soon as I can. I would love to eventually start my own company, but right now just finding a job in the industry would be amazing,’’ she said.

Her teacher, Rob Freeman, said she was the perfect student.

‘‘You work with students and there’s some who have the skill and some who understand but don’t have the skill — Tammy’s got the lot. She would make the best apprentice,’’ he said.

‘‘Sometimes there’s a bit of a drawback with being a woman, but I think we’re working our way through that ... I guess it’s an old industry, and people are a bit set in their ways, but she got a trial at a cabinet-maker here, and he was shocked at how good she was — she just gets it.

‘‘She’s quite meticulous, she’s got a good eye, and a good sense of design ... I hope she finds something in the industry.’’

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