Australian army open fire for a demonstration

December 04, 2017

The Australian army opened fire for a demonstration of its high-risk situation management for military police on deployment.

The Seymour Telegraph was there to catch all the action.

Military Police Lance Corporal Bronte Thurtell is an Afghan veteran.

She talked to the Seymour Telegraph about her tour of duty during a full-on training exercise at Puckapunyal army base last week.

Seymour born and bred Simon van Ballekom was the man in charge of a high-risk situation management exercise at Puckapunyal last week.

The army instructor said exercises such as this are part of stability operations “so when we’re getting ready to hand a country back, we’d start training local police and show them how to do these check points”.

A key part of army training is the rescue of wounded soldiers in the midst of firefights.

And that was part of an exercise at Puckapunyal last week, when the army and the ‘enemy’ came out all guns blazing.

Get the full story in Wednesday’s Seymour Telegraph.

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