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November 29, 2017

A good part of the plan would see Whiteheads Creek, Deep Creek and all the town's drains cleaned out.

Our concern is that the residents of Seymour have been unaware that a levee is up for discussion.

As in 1984 and again in 2009 the levee was thoroughly investigated and it was decided that it was not the best option for Seymour.

Good news! The first step in having a say on the current proposed levee for Seymour is being sought.

The Draft Goulburn Broken Regional Floodplain Management Strategy is out now for public comment. Community members have until 5pm on December 4 to provide feedback.

Taking a look at the Objectives of the Strategy for Seymour, it states (our replies in bold):

●Build community resilience by improving dissemination, communication, education and awareness through the sharing of flood information to encourage communities to act responsibly to manage their own flood risks.

Just what is needed and I’m sure welcomed by all.

●Reduce legacy flood risk by minimising exposure to flood hazards and their consequences through actions in all four programs.

Clean out Whiteheads Creek, Deep Creek and all the town’s drains which would be Seymour’s biggest flood hazard (past and present).

●Avoid future flood risk by not making things worse (i.e. Land-use Planning program).

Do not build a levee in Seymour. A levee will entrap the internal town water causing untold damage; it will not make any difference to the flood overlay or alter insurance issues. It will be an enormous cost for ratepayers and create a gated community behind a 3m dirt wall.

Remember, Benalla spoke up and said ‘no’ to a levee.

For more information check out the Facebook page ‘Seymour to levee or not to levee’.

You only have until 5pm on December 4 to provide feedback.

A draft strategy, a feedback form and a summary of priority actions in each of the local government areas is available at or email [email protected]

— Peter Chapman, Seymour

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