Verdict huge relief

November 25, 2017

Longwood man Daniel Carracher, who is happy with the results of the Australian Marriage Survey.

Marriage may not be on the cards right now for Longwood man Daniel Carracher, but the results of the same-sex survey have lifted a huge weight off his shoulders.

As a single gay man, Mr Carracher said marriage was not an immediate urge, but the return of a ‘yes’ result was still significant and important for him and many of his loved ones.

Mr Carracher hoped the results of the survey would soon validate the wedding of his two best friends, which will take place in New Zealand next week.

‘‘My two best friends had to plan to have their wedding in New Zealand, because it’s not legal here yet,’’ he said.

‘‘But the great thing is that it will finally be recognised and fully backed in Australia once this passes law, providing the (Federal) Government now does their job and takes the result on board.’’

Mr Carracher said he was not at all surprised about the result.

‘‘I’m happy with the result, but, to be honest, I thought it would be by a bigger margin, which is what I am disappointed about,’’ Mr Carracher said.

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