Fire safety is responsibility of all

November 25, 2017

Fire danger period is fast approaching.

I am not a trained firefighter but my past four residences — at Avenel, Seymour, 10km out of Euroa, and Nagambie — had hundreds of hectares of back or front paddocks around them, and I know the concerns, fear or worry of having tall grass growing around you and the fear of bushfires.

But whose responsibility is it to make it safe near a town? The land owners, council, who?

To try and prepare for the fire season this year, with this threat nearby, and a bonfire of large stumps from three dead trees alongside our fence line and other flammable vegetation, I asked local Nagambie Fire Brigade Captain Allen Treble about it and how we could be fire safe this year.

He suggested that they do a controlled burn of the bonfire on a good still night and he said to prepare the site for burning.

He recommended local contractor Adam Webster to use his equipment to clear the bark, large stumps from three fallen dead trees on the other side of our fence, and wild vegetation from around the remaining tree and fence line to the bonfire area, which he did promptly and efficiently. This made us feel a lot safer.

But what can the everyday Joe do towards fire prevention and fire safety? Start getting ready now!

I ask — no, urge — local land owners to take responsibility for their tall grass, especially if it is close to houses or sheds.

Remember, most of our fire fighters are volunteers, and they give up their time to look after their community — but your help is needed too.

— Diane Grant, Nagambie

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