Kelly film invited to shoot around Euroa

November 24, 2017

Black-and-white photograph, taken on a 5 per 6 cm glass plate by police photographer Charles Nettleton and stored at the National Archives of Australia, shows the outlaw and convicted murderer Ned Kelly in Melbourne Gaol, Melbourne, Australia, 10 November 1880. The head-and-shoulders photographic portrait in an oval mount shows Kelly's elaborately combed hair and full beard, and provides a glimpse of the prison uniform and neck scarf he was wearing. Victoria's Attorney-General Robert Clark announced on 03 August 2012 that a new exhumation licence has been issued to enable the remains of Ned Kelly to be returned to his family's descendants and laid to rest.

A new movie about Ned Kelly should be shot in locations across the Euroa electorate, according to Member for Euroa Steph Ryan.

Ms Ryan has written to Screen Australia to invite the film’s producers to shoot in the region.

The film, which is set to feature Russell Crowe, Travis Fimmel and Dacre Montgomery, is reportedly based on Peter Carey’s book The True History of the Kelly Gang.

Ms Ryan said while she was disappointed the film was not based on the historically accurate book The Inner History of the Kelly Gang written in the 1920s by J.J. Kenneally, she still hoped it would be shot in Kelly country.

‘‘The Euroa electorate from Kilmore to Glenrowan covers some of the most significant sites in Kelly history,’’ Ms Ryan said.

‘‘Ned was born at Wallan and members of the extended family, including my own great-great-great-great-grandfather John Lloyd, made several appearances at the Kilmore Courthouse for a number of indiscretions, before they moved to north-east Victoria.

‘‘Whether it’s Avenel where Ned rescued a young Richard Shelton from drowning in Hughes Creek and where Ned’s father Red Kelly is buried, the bank at Euroa which was the scene of the Kellys’ infamous robbery or the original Kelly farm at Greta, our region is strongly connected to the Kelly story.

‘‘Filming the movie where the Kelly gang roamed would give our region great exposure to millions of people around the world.’’

Ms Ryan has her own personal connection to the Kelly story — her great-great-great-grandmother Mary Lloyd Tanner was a first cousin of Ned Kelly.

Mary and her husband William Tanner were Kelly sympathisers who assisted the gang while they were on the run.

‘‘While the history of the Kellys is still in dispute for some people, there can be no doubt that it is one of the most significant stories of our region,’’ Ms Ryan said.

‘‘As such, it would be great if the producers of the new Ned Kelly movie took the time to consider whether the film can be shot in the heart of Kelly country.’’

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