Flood plan comment sought

November 18, 2017

The Goulburn Broken Regional Floodplain Management Strategy is now out for public comment.

The development of the draft strategy was co-ordinated by Goulburn Broken CMA in partnership with the eight local councils in the catchment, traditional owners of the land and other agencies with floodplain management functions.

Community input from a series of public sessions has also been incorporated into the draft strategy.

The draft strategy focuses on improving community resilience, managing flood risk and protecting the environmental and cultural values of floodplains.

Goulburn Broken CMA floodplain manager Guy Tierney said floodplains supported the agriculture, food processing, forestry and tourism industries that underpinned the regional economy.

‘‘However, major floods can destroy or damage crops, property and infrastructure, causing significant social disruption and economic costs,’’ he said.

‘‘Therefore the best way to help people prepare for living in a floodplain area is to give the community access to accurate flood information.

‘‘This is why sharing reliable information is a priority action within all four of the strategy’s broad program themes — flood mitigation, total flood warning systems, land-use planning and municipal flood emergency plans.’’

Implementing many of the draft strategy’s actions — such as improving flood warning systems or developing floodplain management plans — will depend on funding.

An Action-Investment Plan has also been developed to prioritise local and regional floodplain management activities as government grants become available.

The draft strategy, a feedback form and a summary of priority actions in each of the local government areas is available at

Community members have until 5pm on December 4 to provide feedback.

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