Truck under bridge

November 08, 2017

Another truck caught under the Anzac Avenue bridge.

Another truck was caught under the bridge on the corner of Anzac Ave and Station St in Seymour on Friday.

While no one was injured and V/Line officials said there was no structural damage to the bridge identified, the driver did cop a hefty fine.

Seymour Police Acting Sergeant Brayden Wright said the incident was resolved in under an hour and was just a matter of driver error.

‘‘The driver came from the Yea direction and just wasn’t familiar with the area, making an error in judgement regarding the height of his vehicle,’’ he said.

‘‘He assisted us with the inquiry, was co-operative throughout the process and received an infringement notice for over $700.’’

On The Telegraph Facebook page, local residents pointed to a few possible causes for the incident.

‘‘It’s all caused due to the categorisation of the road as a highway,’’ Anton Vann said.

‘‘Warning signs need to be bigger and further back from the intersection,’’ Mark Brett said.

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