Highs and lows for bowlers

November 03, 2017

Bowlers trying to gain points.

Bowlers trying to gain points.

Bowlers trying to gain points.


Our bowling is like the weather at the moment, all over the place, hot and cold.

We have been experiencing both highs and lows and the results clearly reflect this.

The midweek sides are managing to get some points from their matches although overall wins are proving a little elusive.

Last Saturday’s weekend pennant matches saw the Division 4 side completely outplayed by their Shepparton Park opponents with no points to show for their efforts.

At the other end of the green the Division 6 side managed to defeat their Dookie opponents by the narrow margin of one shot; well done to all involved especially Iris and Ruth who made themselves available to play for Dookie.

The lists are on the noticeboard for the Midweek Championship competition and the Weekend 100 Up; those players interested in entering are asked to put their names on these lists as soon as possible.

Get well wishes are sent to Mary; great to see her at the club on Saturday.

Blue continues his recuperation — hope to see him back on the green shortly.

As always players are asked to check the noticeboard for upcoming events and/or news.


Friday social barbecue was enjoyed by a crowd who enjoyed the social atmosphere on the verandah.

The Taurus Meat Tray raffle was won by Andrew Payne with the Breakfast Tray going to Alice Hall and the Fowles Wine being won by Wilma Atkins.

The Members Draw number five went to Rob Baldwin who was not at the club to collect the prize.

GV Midweek Pennant

Division one — round 4

Seymour played Rushworth on our home green gaining a good win 14-69 to 2-55.

David Atkins, Bill Solomon, Gail Krzciuk, Dot Dillon (s)16 lost to B. Garvey 21.

Milton Howell, Bernie Dillon, Jenny Kreemers, Marg Locke (s) 21 defeated B. Rogerson 19.

Lynda Rohde, Rob Baldwin, Jenny Ridd, Wilma Atkins (s) 32 defeated J. Sprogue 15.

Division three

Seymour travelled to Shepp Park to play RSL and come home with a winning score.

Seymour 14-75 Shepp RSL 2-65.

Graeme Flint, Richard Maggs, Ken Butcher, Gladys Burgoyne (s) 32 defeated S. Smythe 18.

Lois White, Linda Brown, Rob Brown, Jan Wesselman (s) 25 defeated J. Johnson 16.

Barb Plum, Pat Dawe, Derrick Boyd, Trudy Golding (s) 18 lost to S. Newby 31.

Division five

Seymour played at Kyabram to win by 21 shots 14-62 to 0-41.

Trish Green, Marg Callaghan, Graeme Prime, Marg Flynn (s) 35 defeated L. Porter 20.

John Heywood, Noel Pianta, Liz Gee, Anne Cassar 27 defeated W. Crilly 21.

CBD Midweek Pennant

Division one — round 3

Seymour played at home against Broadford, being defeated 2-57 to 14-73.

Derek Blakeman, Di Staples, Peter Holland, Ian Ridd 20 defeated R. Chapman 19.

Allan Welsh, Jan Nichols, Marie Maggs, Jim Bruce (s) 12 lost to I. Mumford 26.

Dilva Grattan, Denis Klein, Lyn Meek, Lois Tomkins (s) 25 lost to J. Hinchcliffe 28.

GV Saturday Pennant

Division one — round 2

Seymour travelled to East Shepparton where Seymour 2-97 lost to East Shepp 16-104.

Terry Flynn, Ken Butcher, Dave Atkins, Max Hammond (s) 28 lost to Josh Thornton 30.

Ian Ridd, Maureen Prudden, Bernie Dillon, Dave Sellick (s) 20 lost to G. Franze 25.

Jenny Ridd, Denis Klein, Mark Law, Rob Baldwin (s) 28 defeated Jordan Thornton 23.

Wilma Atkins, Dot Dillon, Bill Solomon, Rob Brown (s) 21 lost to N. Boyd 26.

Division five

Seymour at home to Shepp Park won their game 16-85 to 0-62.

Eon Densworth, Graeme Prime, Jim Bruce, Vin Hall (s) 24 defeated A. Cameron 23.

Linda Brown, Pat Dawe, Marty Wesselman, Steve Reed (s) 37 defeated B. Smith 19.

John Heywood, Lyn Meek, Di Staples, Gail Krzciuk (s) 24 defeated E. Cameron 20.

Division six

Seymour had the bye this week.

CBD Saturday Pennant

Division one — round 4

Seymour played Alexandra at home, having a good tussle, and won the game14-91 to 4-87.

Lynda Rohde, Derek Blakeman, Jenny Kreemers, Shaun Houghton (s) 19 lost to L. Scott 21.

Allan Welsh, Chris Dean, Marg Locke, Gladys Burgoyne (s) 23 defeated B. Benghamy 22.

Milton Howell, Carol Harrop, Trudy Golding, Alison Hall (s) 27 defeated G. Matthews 20.

Graeme Flint, J. Donohue, J.Rhue, Garry Broderick (s) 22 lost to G. Gilmore 24.

Division two

Seymour played at home to Kilmore, winning two rinks but losing the tight game by two shots. Seymour 4-74 to Kilmore 12-76.

Richard Maggs, Bill McLennan, Ken Malin, Dot Malin (s) 32 defeated P. Wood 25.

Bob Tomkins, Max Ferguson, Jan Wesselman, Greg Quillinan (s) 13 lost to W. Cattanach 28.

Trish Green, Barb Plum, Marie Maggs, Neal Harris (s) 29 defeated D. Taffe 23


In the Midweek Bowls Competition last Tuesday when Seymour VRI hosted Yea at the Seymour VRI green, all three rinks had good wins and were 73 shots up overall.

Seymour VRI 16-120 defeated Yea 0-47.

P. Smith, I. Nichols, M. Furletti, J. Purcell (s) 42 defeated R. Hatty 14.

P. Delzotto, S. Stanley, R. Hockley, B. Dawe (s) 41 defeated R. Branch 15.

B. Voogt, G. Dixon, I. McBean, K. Towt (s) 37 defeated D. Sherman 18.

Saturday Pennant

Seymour VRI 0-74 lost to Wallan 18-121.

K. Cain, B. Challis, S. Stanley, M. Furletti (s) 19 lost to G. Edmunds 23.

A. Nachtigal, S. Crockett, J. Crockett, R. Richards (s) 18 lost to P. Warren 29.

P. Smith, G. Dixon, P. Delzotto, I. Cashill (s) 16 lost to P. Newell 30.

M. Brett, J. Tuckwell, A. Walton, W. Flynn (s) 21 lost to B. Smethurst 39.

Division Three

Seymour VRI 16-103 def. Shepparton Golf 2-76.

I. McBean, J. Spargo, W. Noonan, L. Spargo (s) 31 defeated M. Cummings 16.

P. Challis, D. Clarke, M. Szczykulski, G. Neal (s) 29 defeated B. McInneny 21.

B. Voogt, R. Hockley, J. Purcell, G. Jones (s) 25 defeated I. Fitzsimmons 17.

H. Flint, B. Anderson, K. Towt, B. Dawe (s) 18 lost to T. Dunlop 22.

The meat tray raffle supplied by Taurus Fine Meats was won by Ian McBean from Seymour VRI.

Next Saturday the club will again be looking for 44 players. Division One will travel to Yea for a must-win game and both teams will be playing for their first win for the season.

Division Two is scheduled to play against Alexandra at Alexandra.

The Goulburn Valley Division Three team will be at the Seymour VRI green again to host second placed team East Shepparton.

Please ensure that all players make themselves available for play from now on each Saturday.


A better week for the pennant teams with all three recording victories.

The Section Four midweek side is undefeated after an eight-shot win in the fourth round against Katandra West.

Pina Gattuso, Deanne Page, John and Lyn Sinden won 20/17.

Ed Dunn, Keith Hollands, Vicki Reidy and Fiona Smith had a 22/17 victory.

The Saturday Division 5 side defeated Mooroopna Golf by 43 shots, winning all three rinks.

Des Fothergill, back from a winter up north, led his team of Fiona Smith, Lyn Sinden and John Dennis to a 40/15 win.

Lyn Dunn, Keith Hollands, John Sinden and Vicki Reidy won 28/14.

John Humphreys, Wally Grinpukel, Ed Dunn and Bardy McLeod had a tight contest, winning 29/25.

The Section 1 team played away at Hill Top and defeated the home team by six shots.

Rob Page starred skipping his side of Glen Wetherell, Rob Smith and John Pasternak to a 28/8 victory.

Mick Mitchell, Graeme Barber, Mick Nolan and Paul Nichols won 22-19.

Chris Spencer, Angel Mannakin, Greg Brack and Brett Spargo went down 18/29.

Brian Nesbit, Peter Nichols, Jack Spencer and Daniel Nichols were defeated 20/26.

Saturday, November 18 from 6.30pm is the Nagambie Cup social night at the club rooms.

Pre booked tickets are $20 or $25 on the night for dinner and horse racing with a difference.

Phone Fiona Smith on 0418942446 for bookings.

Many happy returns to Life Member Shirley Hannam on her 90th birthday.

As well as having served as both secretary and president of Nagambie Bowling Associates, Shirley won 13 club championships in a 23-year period from 1985 to 2007, a remarkable achievement.

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