Fans flock to get a piece of the Greek Goddess

October 26, 2017

Fashionvistas are looking good on and off the courts.

Fashionvistas are looking good on and off the courts.

Chad Parker and his girls are sitting well clear on top of the ladder.

This week they completely dismantled Macca’s Lot, taking all three rubbers while accruing 181 points.

Chad and Macca put on a great show with Chad taking the match in four tight games.

Then Helen ‘The Greek Goddess’ Flint pulled off a great comeback after trailing 1-2 against Zaine ‘The Hyphen’ Lewin-Hoy.

She amazed her fans with some scintillating shot selections which stunned her opponent.

The Hyphen lost the last two games 15/-2 and 15/-7 and The Goddess signed autographs for her fans late into the night.

Kelly ‘Lady Gaga’ Christensen, still claiming she was 21, continued her week of birthday partying by defeating Evie Parker in three games.

Bulldogs and All Stars battled out a thriller with only one point separating the two teams at the end of the night.

David ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Hall was the only winner for Bulldogs but his efforts in winning in five games sealed the victory for his team.

At his after-match press conference Hall was at his best talking about how his team mates ‘The Headband’ and ‘The President’ couldn’t crack a win tonight.

‘‘They left it all to me,’’ he said.

‘‘I had to win points and I did.

‘‘Fair-dinkum, where would the team be without me?

‘‘Tonight I was ruthless.’’

Colin ‘The Headband’ McBean lost to Noel ‘The Ace’ Pearson and Paul ‘President’ Kennedy went down in five against Bradley ‘The Kid’ Allison.

Seymour Squash will go out with a bang.

All past players who would like to attend the final match in November and a farewell dinner early next year (date yet to be confirmed) are asked to phone Noel on 0401196043 to express their interest.

Keep calling your lets.

— The Boaster

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