This could be the hardest event to win at the Cup: Fashions on the field

October 21, 2017

The coveted Fashions on the Field at this weekend’s Godolphin Seymour Cup is set to be a hotly-contested affair.

There are five different categories, with prizes of as much as $500 on offer.

Registrations for Fashions on the Field will be taken at the information booth on the day and will close at 1pm.

Judging categories are:

●racegoer of the day;

●young racegoer of the day;

●most glamorous duo;

●best hat; and

●junior racegoer of the day.

Victoria Jane Millinery racegoer of the day

This category will be judged on the use of style, colour and the contestants’ ability to use accessories to best complement his or her outfit.

It will be the overall look that should signify the spring fashions of 2017.

The contestant can be of any age.

First prize: $500 voucher from Victoria Jane Millinery (

Runner-up: $300 voucher from Victoria Jane Millinery.

Hall’s Showcase Jewellers young racegoer of the day

This category is based on the criteria of the racegoer of the day, but contestants can be ladies or gentlemen and must be between the ages of 15 and 21 years.

First prize: $250 voucher from Hall’s Showcase Jewellers.

Runner-up: $100 voucher from Hall’s Showcase Jewellers.

Seymour Leading Edge Jewellers most glamorous duo

This category will allow for couples or friends to participate together, and contestants can be any age.

Judges will be looking for a mix of style and elegance, colour co-ordination and the representation of modern spring racing fashion.

First prize: $250 voucher from Seymour Leading Edge Jewellers.

Runner-up: $100 voucher from Seymour Leading Edge Jewellers.

Burton Stores best hat

This category will be judged on the most attractive headwear, which can be either a hat or fascinator.

Again bright colours will be a key factor for the judges and the headwear should suitably complement the racegoer’s outfit.

First prize: $250 voucher from Burton Stores.

Runner-up: $100 voucher from Burton Stores.

Junior racegoer of the day

In this category the judges will be looking for a sense of style and taste that is in keeping with the spring theme for this category. Contestants can be boys or girls, but must be aged 14 years or under.

First prize: Book and stationary vouchers to the value of $100.

Runner-up: $50 book voucher.

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