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September 13, 2017

Cannabis leads to court

A 41-year-old man will be appearing in court after a routine check by police found some cannabis on him.

The Springvale man was walking along Anglesey St about 7pm on Friday night when he was searched by police and a small amount of cannabis was found.

Car stolen

A Nissan four-wheel drive was stolen from the yard of a Seymour-Avenel Rd, Mangalore house sometime between September 8-10.

Operation a success

An Automated Number Plate Recognition operation held on Sunday afternoon on Seymour-Tooborac Rd, Seymour saw more than 1850 number plates scanned with nine vehicle owners being found to be unlicensed, six people were driving unregistered cars and another four drivers were driving outside the conditions of their alcohol interlock conditions.

Firearm amnesty

The nationwide firearms amnesty ends at the end of this month.

If you have firearms you no longer use or need, or think they may be unregistered, this is an ideal opportunity to rid yourself of them.

Since the start of the amnesty in July, more than 2100 firearms have been surrendered in Victoria.

Local police are encouraging residents to help improve community safety by surrendering these firearms that could pose a danger.

This is on top of a number of bladed weapons, imitation firearms and ammunition which have also been surrendered during this period.

You have until September 30 to surrender unregistered and unwanted firearms, ammunition and weapons without fear of prosecution.

Anyone surrendering firearms, weapons or ammunition during the amnesty should surrender them to a Licensed Firearms Dealer and not directly to local police.

In Eastern Region, of which Seymour police is part of, there have been more than 950 firearms surrendered so far.

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