Barriers are saving lives

September 13, 2017

Flexible barriers are being installed along the Hume Highway.

Flexible roadside and centre-line barriers are significantly reducing the number of road-related deaths and serious injuries occurring in the Seymour area according to the State Emergency Service.

‘‘We used to be up around 45-50 callouts a year, just within the Seymour unit, but now we’re attending around 20 accidents a year,’’ VICSES Seymour unit controller Christine Walsh said.

The barriers, first introduced about five years ago, are currently being installed along the Hume Hwy between Craigieburn and Seymour.

The Transport Accident Commission said the barriers have proven successful in reducing the number of run-off road and head-on crashes.

Because the barriers are flexible they’re more forgiving and able to absorb most of the force of a collision.

This helps to reduce the impact of a collision on the human body and allows a vehicle to come to a gradual standstill rather than sudden stop.

Flexible barriers have been successful in reducing the number of run-off-road and head-on collisions by 80-90 per cent in regional Victoria.

‘‘The important thing to remember is that accidents are still happening,’’ Ms Walsh said.

‘‘The same amount of accidents are still occurring but due to the barriers they’re not as severe and people are more likely to walk away from a crash these days, which is great.’’

Taking a rest stop every two hours, driving without distraction, watching your speed and avoiding drink driving are still the best ways to prevent an accident.

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