The mighty slipped in fashion stakes

August 03, 2017

After four rounds the Bulldogs are clearly the team to beat.

After four rounds the Bulldogs are clearly the team to beat.

All three Bulldogs players feature in the individual awards and the team has easily cleared out on top of the ladder.

Kelly ‘Lady Gaga’ Christensen is leading the number three seeds and is in career-best form.

In recent weeks she has been ruthless against Ruth Barton and then she sent Evie ‘The Gym Junkie’ Parker packing.

Brad ‘The Kid’ Allison is ranked second in the number two seeds and recently took the massive scalp of David ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Hall.

The Kid was brutal in giving the veteran a squash lesson.

Bulldogs captain Colin ‘The Headband’ McBean has been a model of consistency and, like a luscious shiraz, is getting better with age.

‘The Headband’ has reportedly been working with the famous fashion house Yves St Laurent designing a new range of headbands.

This has angered Chad Parker and in a gruelling and at times spiteful match he defeated ‘The Headband’.

At his press conference Parker didn’t hold back.

‘‘I’ve been the fashion guru of this competition for years,’’ he said.

‘‘I travel the world looking at fashion trends and ‘The Headband’ thinks that he can copy my style. There isn’t enough room for the two of us.’’

Maccas Lot has lost all form and has plummeted to the bottom of the ladder.

Once a powerhouse franchise, this team is now the laughing stock of the competition.

Helen ‘The Greek Goddess’ Flint leads the number two seeds but her team-mates are struggling.

Macca has ordered his troops to early morning training sessions and is hopeful they can salvage something from the season.

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