Days’ chilly start

July 29, 2017

If you suspect it’s been a much colder winter than usual, your suspicions have now been confirmed.

The Bureau of Meteorology has continual recordings at Mangalore airfield which go back to 1989, and the historical data reveals Seymour had its coldest morning on record on July 2 this year with a freezing -4.9°C, followed by a -4.3°C start on July 16.

The year we suffered through the most days with frosts was 2006, with 37 days of sub-zero temperatures, the coldest being -4.7°C.

Seymour endured another particularly frosty winter in 2012, with 25 days of sub-zero temperatures.

And there may be more frosts to come, with frozen mornings being recorded in September, when there were eight frosts in 1995, and even October, when two spring frosts were recorded in 2013.

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