Avoid winter vehicle accidents

July 22, 2017

We’re now in the thick of winter weather, which has prompted the TAC to call on drivers to slow down and adapt to more hazardous conditions.

TAC road safety director Samantha Cockfield said the wintry conditions magnified the dangers of driving on country roads.

‘‘Speed and fatigue are common factors in regional road fatalities at any time of year,’’ Ms Cockfield said.

‘‘Slowing down, staying alert and driving to the conditions becomes even more important when weather and road conditions are poor.’’

Black ice, fog, mist, rain, wind and land slips are all potential hazards during winter months, even when driving cautiously on the best country Victorian roads.

Ms Cockfield said motorists could also prevent a tragedy by making safe choices when driving.

‘‘Reducing speed, allowing a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front and eliminating distractions are all key safety tips to remember,’’ she said.

‘‘Instead of taking the back roads to save five minutes, sticking to the main roads and highways can help ensure you get to your destination safely.’’

Ms Cockfield said vehicle safety also played a pivotal role in reducing road trauma, and driving safe vehicles during winter was paramount.

‘‘Make sure your tyres and brakes are in good condition, ensure all lights are working and use headlights in low visibility,’’ she said.

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