Time to surrender unlicensed weapons

July 21, 2017

End of Weapons amnestyShepparton News on 13/12/2012 CAPTION: End of Weapons amnesty

Victoria Police is urging people to help in its mission to rid the community of illegal firearms and dangerous weapons by supporting their amnesty.

Victorians have three months to surrender unregistered and unwanted firearms, ammunition and weapons to Licensed Firearms Dealers without fear of prosecution.

Victoria Police Licensing and Regulation Division Superintendent Paul Millett said the national amnesty was well timed.

‘‘It has been more than 20 years since there was a national amnesty and almost five since the last amnesty in Victoria when about 2500 weapons and firearms were handed in,’’ Supt Millett said.

‘‘We want the community to help keep everyone safe by reducing the availability of unregistered firearms and illegal weapons to those who clearly do not want them for lawful purposes.’’

Previous amnesties have seen firearms including imitation and antique firearms, swords, homemade weapons and hunting knives surrendered.

‘‘Every weapon or illicit firearm we can destroy or move into the lawful and regulated system is another step towards a safer Victoria,’’ Supt Millett said.

People who are appropriately licensed may surrender their items for destruction, registration or sale during the amnesty period. Those who are not appropriately licensed can surrender items for destruction.

Supt Millett reminded the community that while information will be collected about the items surrendered, participation in the amnesty is anonymous.

‘‘Enough information will be collected by Licensed Firearms Dealers to enable the checking and recording of firearms on the firearms register by the Licensing and Regulation Division,’’ Supt Millett said.

‘‘But those who surrender items will not have to give their details unless they intend to register or sell the firearms they are surrendering.’’

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