Changing of the guard as mighty have fallen

July 12, 2017

The Boaster has always said ... it’s the points not the rubbers.

With a new season two rounds old, the saying has never been more true, and The Hyphens are living proof.

With one rubber victory out of six after two rounds, they are sitting second on the ladder. How does that happen?

With two of the most experienced veterans going around in Paul ‘JFK The President’ Kennedy and Sally ‘The Queen of Victoria’ Littlewood, The Hyphens are collecting points which will eventually determine ladder order.

At his press conference. JFK was at his cunning best.

‘‘I’ve been around a while and I think we have the perfect combination,’’ he said.

‘‘Zaine is our number one and leader, but The Queen and I are the brains. Brains win every time.’’

Bulldogs have started the season well with back-to-back victories.

Kelly ‘Lady Gaga’ Christensen and Bradley ‘The Kid’ Allison are unbeaten after two rounds and it seems that the chief of the Bulldogs, Colin ‘the Headband’ McBean has brought together a powerhouse team that must surely be early premiership favourites.

After his best season for 30 years, David ‘The Lord of the Rings’ is again at another crisis point in his controversial career with two catastrophic defeats.

The Lord has been pathetic against The Kid and Helen ‘The Greek Goddess’ Flint, and if he can’t turn things around in the next few weeks, his illustrious career could be over.

After his loss to The Greek Goddess, he had no comment.

‘‘Leave me alone. If you need a story talk to The Ace and T-Rex and ask them why they aren’t playing,’’ he said.

‘‘I know the truth. WADA have been in town and these charlatans are missing. Talk about that and not my form.’’

And on that note, Hall left the media throng.

Keep calling your lets.

— The Boaster

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