Take safety on the road seriously

July 12, 2017

Police are warning people in Avenel to lock their cars

As we hit the second week of school holidays, police are hoping for just one thing — that everyone is safe on the roads.

In the first week of school holidays, seven people lost their lives going about their everyday commute.

Road Policing Command Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer said no one sets out for their day not expecting to come home to their loved ones.

‘‘Of course people don’t expect these tragedies to occur, but I think maybe this is half the issue, all road users including pedestrians and cyclists need to consider it could happen to them,’’ Assistant Commissioner Fryer said.

‘‘Three drivers, two pedestrians, one motorcycle rider and one cyclist, four of which are vulnerable road users are now no longer with us.

‘‘In two of these incidents police are investigating whether speed and or impairment was a factor, and in the case of the motorcycle crash we believe the bike was stolen.

‘‘Hindsight is a wonderful thing but sadly with road trauma so many incidents are avoidable.

‘‘With the holidays upon us many people are out and about, everyone is moving around, sometimes with a different mindset — with always something else to do.

‘‘It’s quite simple to me really; all road users have to take responsibility for their own safety on the roads — you have to make sure you get to your destination safely.

‘‘Consider the conditions, consider other road users, consider and obey the law, and most importantly consider the impact if you were no longer here.’’

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