Frost takes hold Freezing temperatures create icy beauty

July 05, 2017

Anglican Christ Church in Anzac Avenue, Seymour

The Anzac Memorial at Seymour Health

The Vietnam Veterans Commemorative Walk

Anglican Christ Church in Anzac Avenue, Seymour

Tallarook Street in Seymour.

Seymour was transformed in to a winter wonderland on the weekend, with sub-zero temperatures greeting residents.

The mercury dipped to a chilly -4.9°C on Sunday morning, only just outdoing Saturday’s freezing -4.3°C start to the day.

The freezing weather — and the past two days rainfall — follows the driest June on record.

Last month’s clear skies and low rainfall was a record breaker for the state, smashing a 73-year-old record.

Across Victoria the unusually dry weather broke the previous record, that dated way back to June 1944, when an average of just 22mm fell across the 30 days.

Senior climatologist Andrew Watkins said it was well below the June average of 60mm.

Bureau of Meteorology data shows closer to home just 3.4mm of rain has fallen in the area for the month (measured at BOM’s Mangalore Airport base), a far cry from our June average of 53.6mm.

Bureau forecaster Tom Fejes said the dry weather in June was due to a high pressure ridge blocking most of the fronts from developing in the state.

‘‘It is blocking the fronts from coming up, and that is where you get the rain from,’’ Mr Fejes said.

Victorian Farmers Federation president David Jochinke said farmers across the state had good rainfalls during autumn before the recent dry conditions.

‘‘So we were quite positive about going into this winter season,’’ Mr Jochinke said.

He believed croppers would be the hardest hit by the dry conditions, followed by dairy farmers and those needing green pastures in the coming months.

‘‘What we are hoping for is to get some rain in the near future and have a mild to wet spring,’’ he said.

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