This week’s Kids Speak comes from Seymour College 15 Mile Creek Camp

July 05, 2017

Kidspeak, July 5 - Seymour College

Kidspeak, July 5 - Seymour College

Kidspeak, July 5 - Seymour College

Kidspeak, July 5 - Seymour College

Kidspeak, July 5 - Seymour College

From June 19 to 23, SSS and SSJ inclusive education students went to 15 Mile Creek Camp at Greta South.

Mr Wood drove the bus and Mrs Hubbard drove her car.

Carolina came to camp and Paula came for one day.

The weather was sunny during the day.

The nights were cold, below zero degrees. Luckily, we had heaters in our dormitories.

We arrived at camp on Monday after a two-hour journey.

We unpacked and we met everybody at lunch.

Group one, called the Adventurous Geckos, went for a bike ride with Andy and group two, called the Cackling Kookaburras, paddled in canoes led by Pete.

The uphill part of the bike ride and riding through the mud was fun. In the dam we played Save the Moose and splashed each other.

We played Sardines with Matt, read a story and went to bed at about 9pm.

On Tuesday, we were up about 6am and stayed in bed until it was time to get up.

We dressed and had breakfast.

We met in the mudbrick room to organise the day.

Group one went bushwalking and learned to use compasses in the morning and did archery and flying fox in the afternoon. We liked the flying fox best.

Group two did archery and flying fox in the morning and went bike riding in the afternoon. We liked all of the events on that day.

Riding up the hill was challenging.

At night Matt took us out to look at the stars before bedtime.

On Wednesday, group one made name stakes for the vegetable garden.

James was really good at the woodwork and made his stake very sharp.

After woodwork group one made cubby houses and forts out of logs, branches and sticks — anything to make them rainproof.

In the afternoon group one went canoeing and Kimmy and Bradley fell in. The water was freezing cold.

Group two went bushwalking, learned how to use a compass and made fires in the morning.

Pete made hot chocolate and we had it around the camp fire.

Group two did woodwork and walked the sensory trail in the afternoon.

After dinner we had a bonfire with marshmallows. Matt made a new game and we told stories.

On Thursday everybody went by bus to Mt Buffalo. It was really foggy.

We went to the waterfall and played in the snow wearing waterproof clothes.

It was the first time some of us had seen snow.

Friday was the last day at camp. We packed up and did ‘‘give back to the camp’’ activities.

Group two made more signs and tripods covered in plastic for Pete’s peas.

Group one worked in the garden after emptying all the backpacks and putting the drink bottles through the dishwasher.

After lunch we went back to school arriving at 2.30pm.

The best things at camp for Justin were the flying fox and the night walk.

The best things for James were bike riding and going home.

The best things for Tim were bushwalking and flying fox.

The best things for Kimmy were flying fox, canoeing and the snow.

The best things for Jason were bike riding and archery.

Overall the camp was awesome, great, amazing, ace, full of experiences and fun.

— Justin, James, Darren,

Kimmy, Tim and Jason

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