Beating those winter blues

July 05, 2017

The Rockin’ Nagambie crew practising a rock ‘n’ roll dance called switch.

Activate Nagambie’s table tennis programs are currently all on hold for the duration of the school holidays, and we will fire up again on July 19.

We know you will all miss it but as they say — absence makes the heart grow fonder.

In the meantime maintain your mantra of, ‘‘I will exercise to beat these winter blues’’.

Come along to our Friday night rock ’n’ roll lessons which continue every week at the Senior Citizens hall in High St, Nagambie.

Lessons start at 7pm.

We do not break for the school holidays so keep your toes twinkling and add a rhythmic bounce to your step right through the chilly winter months.

Anytime is a great time to start your journey into rock ’n’ roll.

It doesn’t matter if you have unco-ordinated limbs, three left feet or if the needle rests on zero on your rhythm gauge.

Our lessons are all about having fun and gradually building your skills in a social environment.

We have new beginner couples joining in regularly.

We recommend our raw newbies to come along at 6.30pm for a special early-bird basic step tuition before the normal class arrive.

We also offer private tuition for anyone who would like extra nurturing or is a little nervous to go straight into a class situation.

Our lessons now also cater for those who have some dance experience and wish to practise their moves or fine-tune some problem areas.

Starting this week (and running on the first Friday of each month) we will conduct beginner sessions as normal from 7pm until 8pm followed by an extended social evening.

Expect a variety of music where couples can enjoy some ‘‘anything goes’’ dance practice.

The music to be included will allow for basic rock ’n’ roll, triple-step and some of the partner dances and line dances we have been working on in class.

Anyone is welcome to come along just for the social part of the evening, regardless of whether you are involved in the weekly lessons or not.

We hope that the once-a-month social dancing experience will prove popular among our developing dancers, as a chance to gain experience without a formal class structure, as well as our more established dancers who are keen to practice their thing.

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