Keen despite cold conditions

June 29, 2017

Tabilk’s under 10s as they leave the field at Kings Park.

Tabilk and Seymour go head-to-head in the under 14s.

Junior sport June 28

Junior sport June 28

Junior sport June 28



Cold conditions in Seymour didn’t deter an eager group of under-10s.

After some great ruck work from both teams we were under way.

There were great performances all round from the kids who are looking forward to playing at home next week.

Bring the smiles and don’t forget that this week it’s photo day.


This week we played bottom-of-the-ladder Seymour and we used the opportunity to try out players in new positions.

Somaiya Harriden played in the ruck all day and it was no surprise to see her rise to the challenge.

She was tough in the packs and the opposition felt her presence.

Somaiya won plenty of the footy and her performance saw her awarded best on ground.

Judging by the constant cheers from the crowd, I’m sure I’m not the only one rapt to see how far Somaiya has improved this year.

Darby O’Brien played the best game of his life.

He accepted the challenge to get amongst the action as our ruck rover for the day and put his head over the ball at the contests and laid some ferocious tackles, like we know he can.

Well done on a great game and for keeping true to the goals you set prior to the match.

Will Le Deux was another who was getting his chance on ball.

He racked up plenty of possessions as our rover and took some nice marks around the ground.

It was by far Will’s best game of the season and I’m sure he’ll continue to improve on the back of that performance.

Tommy Mason was the spark down in the forward line for the day, kicking three goals for the team.

Finbar O’Sullivan tried hard all day and so did Conor Peterson.

It’s hard not to love the way these two attack the footy and are prepared to run and carry the ball.

Harry Palmer was solid down back and along with Angus Murray made sure not much got past the centre half-back line.

Zac Drayton played another good game.

Zac was good at leading into space and was rewarded with lovely passes from captain Angus.

Zac is one of the most improved players in the team and his past few games have been remarkable.

A really pleasing game today.

Score: Tabilk 9.7 (61) d Seymour 3.0 (18)

Goals: T. Mason 3; W. Ledeux, K. Chapman 2; A. Murray, O. Loweke

Best: S. Harriden, T. Mason, W. Ledeux, D. O’Brien, F. O’Sullivan, A. Murray, H. Palmer, C. Peterson, K. Chapman, Z. Drayton.


Another day and another great win.

This week we look at what makes us tick.

It starts with our parents: getting us to training, travelling the state to get us to the games.

No matter where we come from we appreciate our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends getting us there week in, week out.

Our bench consists of a team of dedicated professionals.

Kev and Janine Harriden, our mum and dad on a Sunday, look after us just like their own between 11am and 1pm.

The Harridens take it all in their stride: When we forget our socks, shorts or jumpers; when we have tears or tantrums; feeding us or filling in paperwork.

What they do is a full-time job and for that we give you both a lot of credit.

In the first quarter we saw our doctor, Jan, running to the wing and back again with a dejected look saying, ‘‘They’re not crying, they don’t need me.’’

With the sun going down and clouds rolling in we saw Jan go for the puffer jacket to bring an end to the first quarter.

In the second quarter our picturesque runner, straight from the runways of Milan, was hiding over the other side of the ground.

Knowing that his stint on the bench would be too short, he refused to look at the bench for instructions (yes, we can see you Adam the ‘Green Lantern’).

Going into half-time with lollies and oranges (delicious Navels provided by the Sepulveda family) the head of our helm, the six-foot-seven-inch man, was still scratching his head.

Not worried about going grey (that’s already happened) but looking at going bald.

Knowing that the Burns family had their camera out he was smiling sweetly, gritting his teeth, with a glint of frustration, hoping to have his good side taken.

A picture is worth a thousand words but he doesn’t look that good in the morning.

We are still yet to count Craig’s fingers as he hides in the time-keeper’s box, but know that he must get cramps in his hands.

When he’s away we call on Kev Lindner.

With binoculars in hand he climbs the stairway to take the seat.

In the third quarter we saw the Green Lantern pointing his finger as if he was in Thailand’s busiest intersection.

Jan transitioned from the puffer jacket to the winter vest. Good call.

With our mascot Court losing her pie we knew it was back to business.

Our man with the sticks, Jobby, was getting one sore arm.

We soon realised that to keep him looking trim, taught and terrific, he needs to be waving two flags at us and not just one.

After signing off on the under-10s he does a solid job to help us out, week in and week out.

The fourth quarter saw Barrel still on the bench with hamstring soreness from last week’s sprints but a stellar effort nonetheless.

When the man-flu hits the Green Lantern, it hits hard.

The Chapman family with a can do attitude brings us strength on the boundary line.

To have a great team and be united as one it starts at the top: great families, tiresome efforts, endless support and the ability to do it all as a team.

Much thanks from the players and coach to all our families.

Next week at Nagambie remember to do that hair, makeup and polish the nails — it’s team photo day.

Best: R. Fox-Old, J. Chapman, J. Robertson

Goals: O. Sepulveda 4; J. Robertson 2; T. Barnes, H. Downie, R. Fox-Old, J. Wallden, I. Eeles.


Just like AFL teams have their ups and downs, this week was one of those for the under-16 boys.

In trying to get our mix right, to play a bit more attacking, we seemed to struggle to move the ball from defence into attack and the ball spent a lot of time in Seymour’s forward half.

Once again our senior players Tom, Cain, Josh and Trent worked hard to force the ball forward but we just could not hold it in our forward line for any length of time.

It was good to see Matt Godfrey back after a few weeks out.

Dan Mawson and Joseph Mifsud again were solid in defence and our goal kickers were Trent and Harry.

Lachy Russell showed his versatility playing a number of roles this week.

Corey Chapman again had a solid game.



The Lions knew they would have to respond against Tabilk after a couple of tough weeks of football.

From the opening siren they hit the ball with an intensity that had been missing from their game in recent weeks.

The midfield was in exceptional form, winning clearances in the centre and providing the forward line with plenty of supply.

While Tabilk was able to win disputed balls the Lions’ backline worked efficiently, linking up to create turnovers and rebound the ball out of defence.

The Lions were able to move the ball confidently through the midfield into attack.

By half-time the Lions had nearly triple the inside 50s with their solid defence keeping Tabilk scoreless.

In the second half the Lions continued to keep the pressure on Tabilk by running in numbers and with plenty of talk.

The Lions only had a couple of lapses in intensity which allowed Tabilk to score a goal in the third and the final term.

The second half still belonged to the Lions who had ball winners all over the ground in what was a genuine team effort against a classy opponent.

The awards for the day went to Tayte, for his exceptional efforts around the contest and running ability that set the tone for the match, while Lachlan was rewarded for his contested pressure across half-back which created countless turnovers and penetrating kicks into attack, and Cody, whose pressure and repeated efforts even when outnumbered epitomised the style of game that the Lions want to achieve.

Score: Seymour 12.13 (85) d Tabilk 2.0 (12)

Best: Tayte, Lachlan, Cody.

St Mary’s


It is always remarkable to see the youngsters full of enthusiasm and vigour to have a kick and run around on a cold morning.

This occasion was at Yea, and we were blessed for a short period of the day with some sunshine and none of that fog that Yea likes to capture.

The Yea JFNC under-10 coaches and support staff were not only terrific in loaning players, but also ensuring that all the kids played in various positions and had the chance for a kick.


St Mary’s faced up against ladder leader Yea, and it was anticipated to be a great game.

Right from the outset, the play and skills for under-12s was beyond the norm, and we witnessed two great sides showing their talents.

It was evident that the Saints were hungry to equal up the loss from the first round, and their desperation and numbers at the ball was inspiring throughout the four quarters.

It was hard to name best players when it was a total team effort to grab the win.

Score: Yea 3.0 (18) lt St Mary’s 5.4 (34)


Yea was again short on numbers so it was hard for the boys to stick to team structures.

Well done to the back-line for manning up and well done forwards for still presenting strong leads.

Alex Elliott kick five majors, with 10 other contributors to the goals.

Nic Quigg was great defensively with uncountable intercepts, Will Weeks led up the ground and provided a stack of inside 50s, Tom Kelly was always dangerous and balanced around the centre, and Jonty Mann was very disciplined around the ground.

Thanks to Rick Hagar for time keeping, Dean Gardner as goalie, Peter Grant for filling in as doc, and to Darcy Donovan for running the water again.

Score: Yea 0.0 (0) lt St Mary’s 17.18 (120).


Score: Yea 6.1 (37) lt St Mary’s 9.6 (60).

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