Junior sport June 28

June 29, 2017

Junior sport June 28

Junior sport June 28

Junior sport June 28



Wow, what a thriller against Seymour on Sunday.

We came out strong and built a lead in the first half.

The Lions weren’t going to make it easy for us though, and Seymour took the lead in the third quarter.

We were two goals down late in the fourth quarter, clawing our way to the front with just seconds to go to get the win.

All girls are deserving of the award, however it went to Lara-Rae for her efforts in finding space and meeting the ball.

Well done girls.


This week our under-14 game was played under lights at Seymour.

Amelia and Ella applied plenty of pressure on the Seymour attackers, with both girls reading the play well and intercepting a number of balls coming into the goaling circle.

Grace Ferg and Sarah combined well in goals in the first half with both making the most of their opportunities to goal.

In the second half Shae and Sarah moved into goals and both were on fire, showcasing their accuracy.

Grace moved into wing attack for the second half combining with Bree and Abbey to work the ball well through midcourt and into the goaling circle.

Olivia played a great defensive game in wing defence, reading the play well and cutting off a number of Seymour’s attacking entries.

Bree and Abbey combined well in the midcourt.

In the last quarter, Bree moved into the unfamiliar role of goal defence against a much taller opponent but as always she gave 100 per cent.

Well done, girls, on a great team effort.

The award went to Amelia O’Brien for a solid four-quarter performance in goal keeper.

Score: Tabilk 35 d Seymour 13

Under 16

The girls continued on from where they left off last week and continue to show growth in their decision-making.

The rotation of players is making it easier for the coach with many girls adapting to many positional changes.

Our goalers Taz, Lissy and Taylor showed great skill and accuracy.

Our ball movers Ash, Steph and Holly kept the fall flowing throughout the midcourt.

Our defenders Sarah, Mikalya and Claudia were strong and impressive in the defensive ring.

The award went to Holly for her determination and fantastic attitude throughout the entire game.

Score: Tabilk 42 d Seymour 35.

St Mary’s


Yea 2 lt St Mary’s 32


Yea 23 lt St. Mary’s 26


Yea started the game off well, with our defensive play led by Erin and Kate creating some great turnovers.

Emily, Olivia and Jess combined well in the midcourt to move the ball into our attacking third where Ally and Madi were able to capitalise in goals, giving them a 22-goal lead.

The second quarter saw changes with Denby in GS and Tori in WD and again the defensive pressure saw the ball turned over, allowing our shooters to increase the lead at half-time to 34 goals.

The third quarter saw more changes on both sides which lifted the intensity of the game but St Mary’s continued with its great pressure and finished the quarter ahead by 42 goals.

Coaches Courtney and Georgia made more changes in the last quarter which showed the girls’ ability to adjust to positions they haven’t played this season.

Score: Yea 15 lt St Mary’s 56


Under-9 Green

The under-9s turned up excited to play on Saturday morning.

Harper and Georgia showed they are a dynamic duo in defence, getting plenty of turnovers.

Gabby read the play beautifully and took several intercepts.

Midcourters Chloe, Evelyn and Briana made safe and accurate passes down to the goal circle where birthday girl Tilly and Tahlia converted accurately for Seymour Green.

Team captain Olivia came on at quarter-time into the centre and contributed well with several intercepts and helped drive the ball from one end of the court to the other.

Briana was our award winner for her clean hands, precise passing and defensive pressure.

Thanks to Tilly and Evelyn for playing for Kilmore when they lost a player to injury; great sportsmanship, girls.

Also, a big thanks to the umpires — Moiann and Georgia — who gave the players on both teams advice and guidance as well as umpiring them.

Under-11 Red

The Redbacks travelled down to Kilmore to play against St Pat’s Green in very cold conditions.

Kayla enjoyed her role as captain, organising the team stretches before the game.

The Redbacks are gradually building their combinations on the court with all players trying different positions.

In the first half our defence line-up was led by Clodagh, Mandessah and Grace who made sure St Pat’s really earnt its scoring opportunities.

Madi and Kayla fed the ball to our shooters, Reese and Mollie.

In the second half players were allowed to choose their position on the court.

The Redbacks received compliments from the opposition coach and umpire on our great defensive work.

The Redbacks will continue to play in the right spirit with their heads held high.

The coach’s award went to Grace.

Under-11 Purple

Seymour Purple played a highly rated Kilmore Navy at their home court.

The girls worked hard but were outmatched by a very polished team.

On a positive, the loss highlighted the areas we need to work on at training.

The girls are very dedicated to improving their game and will come back fitter and stronger as a team.

Player of the match was Sophie Allen who never gave up in defence.

A good effort from all the girls.

Under-13 Orange

Seymour Orange played Kilmore White in Kilmore.

The teams were very evenly matched and it was a close game with Seymour going down by just two goals.

Thanks to Elizabeth for joining Seymour Orange for her second game, meaning we had a substitute during the match.

Our positions were pretty stable in the first half with Tanisha and Madisyn in goals supported by Lucy.

Alex started in the centre before swapping with Tanisha who played centre for the rest of the game.

Brooke and Kaylee were in defence supported by Elizabeth.

We had a great first half with Kilmore leading Seymour by just a single goal at half-time.

In the second half we had Lucy, Brooke and Alex have a go at goals.

Kaylee, Madisyn, Tanisha and Elizabeth swapped around in defence with Tanisha still in the centre.

The third-quarter break saw the teams deadlocked at nine goals apiece.

The girls took it upon themselves to coach each other, giving great advice and encouragement to each other.

We were all proud of their efforts throughout the game.

Score: Seymour Orange 10 lt Kilmore White 12

Under-13 Yellow

With Madi on the sidelines and Jane out injured, the Stingers had a difficult task against Broadford Black on Saturday.

A slow start and a number of unforced errors kept the Stingers busy in defence.

Bridget and Samara were under a lot of pressure.

The younger Broadford girls moved the ball quickly and accurately up and down the court and looked to be in control early in the game.

The Stingers began to find their timing, and goals began to drop during the second and third terms thanks to some great shooting from Mia and Emily.

Imogen, Tenisha and Sadhbh covered ground and worked hard throughout what was a very competitive game.

Although the scoreboard gave the Stingers a substantial win, it certainly wasn’t that easy.

The stingers will look to improve on their consistency during their training sessions.

Well done Stingers, a good result in a hard fought game.

Score: Seymour Yellow 14 d Broadford Black 5.

Under-16 Black

Seymour Black played in Broadford again this week against Broadford White.

With three players left sidelined with injury the bench was left bare for Seymour.

We thank Imogen for stepping up and braving it with the older girls to relieve the pressure.

Lucy captained the side this week, putting in a solid effort in wing-attack and encouraging her teammates on the court.

It was great to see the girls finally taking what they have learnt from training to the court.

Polly worked hard against her opponent in goal attack.

Switching from defence to attack, Polly’s leads were strong and allowed Kiara room to move around the goal circle.

Some fancy footwork rewarded the team with some awesome goals and its highest tally so far.

The midcourters made some great passages of play, using up all parts of the court.

In wing defence, Brandy was able to force the opposition to look for other options.

Janaya was tight in goal defence while Bronte stood out as a great improver in goal keeper.

Bronte’s arms and legs were all over the place and her determination in attacking the ball rewarded the team with great rebounds and possession of the ball.

Although the final score didn’t reflect the hard work and quality of the game, it was the best performance from the girls to date.

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