Self belief helps Tabilk to win

June 23, 2017

Harry Corboy kicks for St. Mary's.

Mat Collard gets a handpass away.

Sam Wyllie on the run.



Today was a day when self belief shone through.

The way we worked as a team was everything we have been training for.

Last time we played Euroa we had 20 players to draw from; this time we had just 18.

Tabilk kicked three goals to Euroa’s two in the first quarter.

We knew a quality side like Euroa was going to come back but our backline held strong.

In the second quarter Tabilk kicked six goals while keeping Euroa scoreless.

Our on-ballers were taking it up to Euroa at every opportunity, breaking its runs, stopping its play and going in hard and fast.

Great ruck work from L. Whitling to feed our on-ballers put a lot of pressure on Euroa’s backline.

We learned that hard work and team-oriented football will always win the day.

Score: Tabilk 17.10 (112) d Euroa 3.3 (21).

Best: B. Bath, L. Whittling, L. Sommers.

Goals: J. Robertson 5; O. Sepulveda 4; T. Barnes 3; W. Dalton 2; I. Eeles, R. Fox-Old, W. O’Brien.


Our backline held up well in a tough first quarter against Euroa.

Tabilk had to borrow a couple of players from Euroa to fill out the squad and to their credit they came over and really had a crack.

Will Cubbin and Trent Gladwin always find a bit more when they play Euroa and both had handy second quarters.

Nick Smidt went forward in the third quarter and had a brilliant quarter.

Cain Murray continues to rack up the stats producing another consistent effort.

Our two ruckmen got on the score board this week so well done to Jedd and Harry.

Best: Josh Boyer, Jayden Sanderson



Due to the large number of Seymour players, two games were played consecutively at Kings Park.

The Saints fought hard and provided some good run and carry.

Blake Trodd kept the ball moving forward with great support from Jayden Pert and Eric Parker.

Ollie Fulton played well to create opportunities from his team-mates.

Ryan Lindner tunnelled in to get the ball and was well supported by his team-mates.

Well done team, the game played in the right spirit.

— Pauline Jenkins


The battle of the co-tenants began in beautiful weather at Kings Park.

Despite being at opposite ends of the ladder Seymour had come to play and providing numbers at every contest, the Lions never gave up.

The Saints had been told to pressure their opposition and their tackle count went through the roof.

The Saints dominated the centre through the tireless work of Jake Best, Jesse Brock, Lewis Lubeck and Sam Thomson.

The players resisted the temptation to crowd the forward line and the wall presented the forwards plenty of opportunities to kick majors with multiples to Oliver Munro, Jesse Brock, Jake Best and Tyler Ryan.

The back line was marshalled by Lincoln Smith and Carter Grant repelling any entries by the Lions.

Tackles, smothers, pressure and shepherds were the order of the day with Saints proving relentless.

Good discipline and teamwork ensured the Saints a strong victory.

Score: St Mary’s 14.13 (97) d Seymour 0.0 (00).

— Russ Jenkins


Score: St Mary’s 11.06 (72) d Seymour 5.3 (33).


Score: St Mary’s 13.13 (91) d Seymour 2.3 (15).



From the opening bounce, both sides showed that centre clearances were going to be well fought, with both sides loading the centre with equal ruckman and receivers, but the first went to St Mary’s.

Seymour lost two key players in the first 10 minutes and the remaining Lions did well to maintain possession and keep the damage to a minimum.

In the second quarter St Mary’s had their heads up and some poor choices from the Lions allowed St Mary’s to get a small grasp on the game, with the lead ever increasing but not out of reach.

At the half-time break, the chatter in the Lions’ camp was positive with no one giving up or putting their heads down.

The third quarter was a real one-for-one battle right up to the siren with both sides showing some great football talents, but the Lions were still in reach with the gap not opening up much at all.

In the fourth quarter, both sides were showing signs of a hard and well-fought battle and the goal scoring was to a minimum, but St Mary’s just had the ball movement to get over the Lions.

Well done St Mary’s — a deserved win.

As for the Lions, there is no shame in being beaten by a side like St Mary’s; the Lions showed that we are really starting to look for space and work hard for each other.

Also, the great sportsmanship which they display on and off the ground is a credit.

Our goal kicking is becoming well spread with goals going to Codie Kipping, Joel Baumann, Ariel Parker and Beau Fennel.

Awards went to Selwyen Tennant for his confidence with the ball and Beau Fennel for a great on-ball game.


The Lions knew that they would have to be ready for a tough encounter with their cross-town rival St Mary’s and while they thought their preparation was sufficient, the Saints put on an exceptional display that clearly showed the Lions still have some work to do.

The Saints got the jump early and took control with clean skills and speed throughout the first term.

While the Lions had several opportunities, the Saints were clearly the winners.

The Lions fought back in the second term, playing more accountable football across the backline, but the damage had already been done.

The Lions midfield started to match it with their Saints opponents with several passages of team footy.

The Saints continued to have more inside 50s and scoring opportunities.

In the third and fourth term the Lions were clearly off their game with the Saints, for the most part, controlling first use of the footy.

While there were some great individual passages in the second half, the Saints pressure with numbers at the ball made it difficult for the Lions to play their brand of footy.

With the Lions’ confidence down, the Saints were able to put on a strong display and kick away with a solid performance.

The awards for the day went to Ben for his contested pressure and great marking that epitomised the type of footy the Lions wanted to play and Aiden who battled away for four quarters and was one of the few Lions who showed composure.

Score: St Mary’s 13.13 (91) d Seymour 2.3 (15).

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