Girls finally found their groove

June 23, 2017

Junior netball, St Mary's v Seymour

Junior netball, St Mary's v Seymour

Junior netball, St Mary's v Seymour



St Mary’s under-12s were greeted with some glorious sunshine on the weekend when they played Seymour, although the sun didn’t seem to warm them up and the first quarter was a slow one.

Grace worked tirelessly in the midcourt with Hannah and Riley.

The second quarter saw the girls slowly pick up the pace, and by the third quarter they had found their groove again.

Kayla made plenty of opportunities and space in the goal ring, while Olivia goaled steadily.

Mia was consistent in several positions, helped by Kady.

The defence end was well maintained by Sonya and Sophie, who was awarded player of the match, and both got some great intercepts.

The final quarter saw the girls come home with a win of 17-5, and as always Seymour played a competitive game — well done to both teams.


St Mary’s 48 d Seymour 22.


It was a wonderful display of netball for Seymour.

The first quarter allowed both teams to warm up and settle in for a great game.

Seymour was strong in approach and saw some great plays from its attackers but St Marys’ defence combination of Erin and Kate positioned the team well with a few turn overs to allow for a four-goal lead at quarter time.

The second quarter addition of Jess and a change for Olivia into WD saw St Mary’s adapt well and turn the ball over to get to a 16-goal lead at half-time.

The third quarter saw Emily and Olivia swapping in C and Maddie and Denby continued to move well in the goal ring, pushing forward to a 22-goal lead.

Seymour showed persistence in the last quarter and some great goals by their goal scorers, but St Mary’s had the lead with the final scores seeing St Mary’s winning 45-24.

— Kerryn Gardner



Tabilk got off to a slow start against Euroa with the opposition capitalising on every small error we made.

Tabilk had plenty of the ball but were unable to get the goals on the board.

Euroa was superb in defence, forcing Tabilk to crowd as they tried to move the ball down the court.

Tabilk warmed up and picked up their game in the second half.

The girls were able to score a few quick goals but ran out of time to make a difference.

The girls have improved dramatically since round one which is a win in itself.

The award went to Abby.


The under-14s began their last home game for the season at Avenel well.

Going goal-for-goal early, it was a tight first quarter.

In defence, Ella, Dakoda and Amelia stuck tight to their opponents.

Bree, Abbey and Olivia combined well in the midcourt, moving the ball well into attack where Shae and Sarah were able to capitalise.

Monique showed her adaptability after being thrown into attack for the first time this season.

Euroa took control after half-time and ran away with the win.

To our girls’ credit they are showing great signs of improvement and some great passages of play even when the game is out of reach.

Score: Tabilk 23 lt Euroa 40.


In the fight for second place on the ladder both teams had everything to play for.

The Tabilk girls made a competitive start and scores were close at the first change.

It was encouraging to see the girls never give up throughout the game, and their spirt and positive attitude was pleasing to see.

A close game culminated in a chase in the last quarter where the girls showed real fight.

This kind of determination should take us a long way this season.

The award went to Mikayla.

Score: Tabilk 35 lt Euroa 46.

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