He’s no longer without a home

June 23, 2017

Homer, the lovable German Shorthaired Pointer X Great Dane, was abandoned at nine years of age, but Avenel’s Andrea Brown has adopted him from the RSPCA.

Not so long ago, Homer cut a sad and lonely figure at Burwood’s RSPCA headquarters.

Abandoned by his previous owners when he was nine years old, there were doubts that the old fellow would ever find his forever home.

But after a call out from Channel 10’s Dr Chris Brown, the German Short-haired Pointer cross Great Dane now has a happy home with Avenel resident Andrea Brown.

Back in December, Dr Brown asked his Facebook fans to help him find a new family for the lovable pooch.

‘‘You see, after nine years with his previous owner, Homer was surrendered to the RSPCA. His only crime in that time was escaping just a few weeks ago,’’ he said.

‘‘But now this senior citizen needs to discover love in his life again. I’ve got to know this old boy pretty well and want to make sure we find the perfect home for him.’’

The call out struck a chord with Andrea, and soon enough, she was on her way to Burwood to see if Homer could fit in to her life.

‘‘Dr Chris’ Facebook post pulled at my heart strings when I read that he’d been abandoned at nine years of age because he kept running away,’’ she said.

‘‘I’d just moved to a half-acre property, and I thought to myself, ‘I can give him a life and a happy home’, so I contacted the RSPCA and it all went from there.’’

That was in December, and six months on, Andrea said she and her family are bursting with love for Homer.

‘‘I can’t explain how much I love him, he’s just delightful,’’ she said.

‘‘He’s walked every day and on the weekends we go for longer walks up in to the Strathbogie hills.

‘‘He’s so gentle and so loving, I’m just glad I was able to give him a chance to have a life.’’

However, before Andrea brought Homer home to Avenel, the lovable canine got to experience the best doggie sights in Melbourne with one of the nation’s best vets — Dr Brown — which was shown on Network Ten’s The Living Room on Friday morning.

Together they tested out the ultimate dog walk adventure, visited a food truck especially for dogs and even participated in a doggy dress-up and photography session for Homer.

‘‘I wanted to put Australia’s most pet friendly city (Melbourne) to the test,’’ Dr Brown said.

‘‘Despite our pet-loving reputation, we are nowhere near as inclusive as countries in North America and Europe. But we also have far too many homeless animals in shelters.’’

Both Andrea and Dr Brown can’t speak highly enough of adopting an abandoned pet, particularly ones that are much older, like Homer.

‘‘They make such good adopted pets, especially ones like Homer who have never had the life they should have had,’’ Andrea said.

Dr Brown said it was the older pets that were often the forgotten residents of shelters, but it’s these ones that often need love more than any others because the story of how they came to be abandoned at their age is often heartbreaking.

‘‘Like a lot of shelters out there, the RSPCA does an amazing job at providing that refuge for abandoned animals looking at a second chance at life,’’ Dr Brown said.

‘‘They provided an amazing home for Homer while he got over his unexpected midlife crisis.

‘‘While buying a puppy from a breeder is appealing for so many people, the animals that are most often in need of love are those at shelters.

‘‘Often through no fault of their own, they have ended up abandoned and without love in their lives. But through being a little bit more open minded about age or breed, you can find a best friend at a shelter who will be grateful for a second chance for the rest of their lives.’’

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