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June 22, 2017

Kids Speak, June 21From St Joseph's, Nagambie

Kids Speak, June 21From St Joseph's, Nagambie

Kids Speak, June 21From St Joseph's, Nagambie

St Joseph’s students celebrated Catholic Education Week in the Sandhurst Diocese.

The students enjoyed being in their buddy groups, which is where all class levels meld together in small groups and complete some activities.

There were three different activities that the children participated in, making a decade of the rosary with beads, a crucifix necklace and making a movie about ‘Why I like being at a Catholic school’.

Our school acknowledged National Reconciliation Week.

We began the day by coming together to discuss why we need to acknowledge this event.

We learned that it is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements, and to explore how each of us can join the national reconciliation journey.

The children participated in a prayer to ask all Australians to be a part of the next big steps in our nation’s reconciliation journey.

They then completed some indigenous related activities in their buddy groups.

On June 4, Monsignor Hickey celebrated the Mass for First Holy Communion with the children of St Malachy’s parish.

We congratulate Tilly Loughnane, Jessie Perry, Sienna Edwards, Hugh Murphy and Hugh McKeown on their full initiation into the Catholic Church and on the continuation of their spiritual journey.

Every Friday morning a small group of students and staff walk to the kindergarten to read stories and interact with the children at the centre. Throughout the week, the students of St Joseph’s make use of the local library to listen to stories and to read and borrow books.

The CFA, mobile education unit came to visit the school this week.

The children ventured into the bus and learned about home fire safety.

The children were encouraged to go home and make a fire safety plan with their families, knowing the escape routes from their home.

They were also asked to go home and ask their parents to check that their home’s smoke detectors were working.

The final point that the children had to go home and check was that everyone knew the meeting place in the event of a fire.

Did you know that it takes less than three minutes for a room to go from having a small flame start, to becoming totally engulfed in flames?

It certainly makes you think of the importance to just getting everyone out safely, in the event of a fire.

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